International Scholarships for African Students

There are international scholarships for African Students to further their education for either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. There are majorly two types of scholarships for any student wanting to gain funds for their studies – fully funded and partial scholarships.

According to statistics, there are over 1000 scholarships that can cover tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, feeding, medicals, and other things. While some might only cover the tuition fee. It depends on the one you want and also your academic performance. 

Most African students prefer fully-funded scholarships because it offers them opportunities to do different things that will make it easier to gain fast comprehension with their studies. If you want to study in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, and many others. You must endeavor to meet the right criteria. 

International Scholarships for African Students

1. Yale University Scholarships:

It is one of the scholarships for African students in the U.S., and it is a fully-funded one for those in search of funds for their studies. The scholarship covers different levels of education such as undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. Beneficiaries of the scholarship can obtain the sum of over $70,000 for each year. On the other hand, the institution offers a financial average award of over $50,000.

2. Chinese Government Scholarships:

The Chinese government sponsors this one for African students aiming to obtain masters and Ph.D. degrees. Under this scholarship scheme, there are over 280 Chinese universities available for students to enroll in their various dream courses. The scholarship covers different things such as basic health insurance, accommodation, and a monthly stipend of $3,500.

3. DAAD Scholarship Germany:

It is a scholarship for master’s and doctorate students looking for fully-funded scholarships. It is by German universities, and any African student with the qualifications can migrate to Germanic for their studies. African students offering postgraduate courses get €850, while doctorate students get €1,200.

4. MEXT Scholarship Japan:

African students can enjoy these international scholarships by either running an undergraduate, master’s, and post-doctorate degree. Every student of the scholarship has the right to enjoy free tuition fees, monthly allowance, free travel expenses, and accommodation. The scholarship is for those willing to study in Japan.

How to Apply for MEXT Scholarship 2022?

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for MEXT Scholarship 2022:

  1. Find the Japanese Embassy or Consulate of your country from here.
  2. Visit the website of the Japanese Embassy of your country. Under the Education / Scholarship tab, you will find the MEXT scholarship.
  3. Download the MEXT scholarship application form and fill it.
  4. Submit the required documents (list given below) to the Japanese Embassy of your country.
  5. A written test will be conducted by the Japanese Embassy. Find Sample Written Tests with Answers Here.
  6. After that interviews of the candidates will be conducted.
  7. The successful candidates will be informed through email or embassy website.

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5. Fulbright Scholarships USA:

The United States of America has different scholarships and the Fullbright scholarship is one of them. The scholarship is strictly for master’s and doctorate courses. African students get to enjoy free tuition fees, a high standard of health insurance, a free transportation fee, and a monthly stipend.

How to Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship 2022?

Please follow the following step by step application procedure to apply for Fulbright scholarship 2022:

  1. Make Online Application
  2. Prepare Academic Transcripts and Degrees
  3. Take GRE General Test and TOFEL
  4. Prepare Two Essays
  5. Three Recommendation letters are required
  6. Also Apply for DAAD Scholarship
  7. Prepare Academic Resume
  8. Submit Online Application
  9. Interview

6. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships Switzerland:

International students can get a fully-funded scholarship from institutions in Switzerland to study for their master’s. There is a grant offered to students to assist with their graduate courses, and each semester comes with CHF 11,000 per semester to cover for tuition fee.

7. Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship:

The scholarship is for both master’s and doctorate students wanting free tuition fees and free accommodation. Many institutions in Vietnam offer students the privilege to gain a high standard of education to any degree of theirs. You need to possess the right criteria and educational qualifications to be part of the scholarship.


  • Apply online through the given link.
  • Spring semester admission
    • Applications Open: middle of July annually
    • Applications Deadline: middle of November annually
    • Enrollment and Spring semester start: middle of February annually
  • Fall semester admission
    • Applications Open: middle of January annually
    • Applications Deadline: end of May annually
    • Enrollment and Fall semester start: middle of July annually

8. Monash University Scholarship:

Monash University is located in Australia and African students are opportune to gain funds for their doctorate degrees. During their studies, they will be involved in so much research and discoveries relating to their course. Every year, the scholarship offers a living allowance of $35,600 and $1,500 as a research allowance. It is for Masters and Ph.D. students.

9. Bangkok Government Scholarship:

The Bangkok government offers scholarships for African students who want to obtain either Master’s or doctorate. With the Bangkok government scholarship, 100% of tuition fees will be covered, and after this, they can get additional funds for their accommodation.

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10. Netherlands Government Scholarship:

The Canadian government has seen the necessity to sponsor African students with fully-funded scholarships. If you want to pursue a Master’s or short-term course, you can go for this scholarship. It comes with a free tuition fee, good health insurance, and free travel tickets. Various institutions in the Netherlands offer government-sponsored scholarships.

Eligible Countries

Afghanistan ▪ Albania ▪ Armenia ▪ Bangladesh ▪ Benin ▪ Bhutan ▪ Bolivia ▪ Burkina Faso ▪ Burundi ▪ Cambodia ▪ Colombia ▪ Congo (DRC) ▪ Cuba ▪ Egypt ▪ Ethiopia ▪ Georgia ▪ Ghana ▪ Guatemala ▪ Guinea ▪ Indonesia ▪ Jordan ▪ Kenya ▪ Lebanon ▪ Liberia ▪ Mali ▪ Mozambique ▪ Myanmar ▪ Nepal ▪ Nicaragua ▪ Niger ▪ Nigeria ▪ North Macedonia ▪ Pakistan ▪ Palestinian Territories ▪ Peru ▪ Philippines ▪ Rwanda ▪ Senegal ▪ Sierra Leone ▪ Somalia ▪ South Africa ▪ South Sudan ▪ Sri Lanka ▪ Sudan ▪ Suriname ▪ Tanzania ▪ Thailand ▪ Tunisia ▪ Uganda ▪ Vietnam ▪ Yemen ▪ Zambia ▪ Zimbabwe.

How to Apply for Netherland Scholarship

The Application Process is Online. You Need to first Select a course and then contact the educational institution of your course. You can find a list of courses and institutions that are linked to the Orange Knowledge Programme in Studyfinder (HERE).

To Apply, Please Visit the Official Website of the Orange Knowledge Government of Netherlands Scholarships.

11. Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

Gates Cambridge Scholarship is for both masters and Ph.D. students making preparations to study in the United Kingdom. Every international student has the right to gain a fully-funded scholarship. There is a monthly stipend of £17,500 that covers the health insurance and academic development of students. Also, a family allowance of £10,120 every year.

12. Stanford University Scholarships:

The Standford University has a scholarship for African students to study in the United States of America. Master’s and Ph.D. students have the right to enjoy the scholarship due to its living allowance, travel allowance, and full tuition fees.

13. KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship:

Different students are having an interest in the scholarship because it is a fully-funded one. The only thing is it is only for Master’s students to cover their tuition fee, monthly allowance, medical insurance, Korean language training fee, etc. KAIST university is located in South Korea, and any African student might be lucky to study there.

14. Chevening Scholarship UK (Fully Funded):

The United Kingdom has numerous scholarships for African students. If you have any Master’s program you want to pursue, the scholarship is for you. Some benefits come with the Chevening scholarship such as monthly allowance, free medical expenditures, free airfare to the United Kingdom.

15. Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships:

The Simmons University Kotzen scholarship is for undergraduate students. African students can apply for the scholarship to cover their tuition fees and other necessary fees. You can be lucky to be part of those that will gain immensely from the scholarship scheme.


Scholarships for African students come in different criteria or required documents for anyone to be eligible for it. Many students are applying for the scholarship that implies you as an applicant must have a unique statement of purpose or essay to show you are unique from others applying for this same scholarship. It is best to submit applications to different colleges offering international scholarships for African students to have multiple choices.

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