Merit-Based Scholarships For College Students

Merit-based scholarships are called brilliant scholarships since it finds the best and brightest students, they are given as an award to a student for a recognized achievement.

They are based on the grades and glowing recommendations from a guardian or teacher on behalf of the student. You deserve the award by surpassing certain standards given by the scholarship program. It is based on your academic achievement and talent.

Full ride scholarships cover more of your educational costs than full tuition, which would be very significant for most families, taking care of your total cost, including housing, food, books, school supplies, and travel.

The scholarship has full benefits therefore it means that the competition is tough and you have to stand out to make the cut.

Things you do to make yourself eligible for this kind of scholarship, you need to be better than average in your class, you need to be a strong leader and a role model to your peers, and have a very good relationship with your teachers and mentors.

The preparation in getting this kind of scholarship helps you achieve things you would not think of, for example

How to qualify for Merit-Based Scholarships;

It is really important to prepare for scholarship applications early, you need to be aware of the conscious factors that will greatly increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

  1. High Test Scores
  2. Interesting Skills and Interests
  3. Good Letters of recommendation
  4. Outstanding Personal essay
  5.  Good Grades

Merit-Based scholarships for college students

THE STAMP PRESIDENT SCHOLAR PROGRAM: this scholarship covers all tuition, meals, housing, funds for personal expenses, and books. An extra amount of about $12,000 over four years is also provided toward other activities. You are given $1,100 for a laptop purchase for your first year. And they offer forty scholarships each year.

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON STAMP SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is open to U.S. high school students that have plans of attending the University of Oregon.  The qualified students must have a score above average and must exude certain leadership skills, service to their fellow students and the school too. They offer over ten scholarships to students each year.

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: Awarded to students that have overcome adversity to succeed, all merit-based Scholarship places a heavy emphasis on our financial need. This scholarship covers both tuition, your room and board, health insurance, a meal plan, and a laptop stipend, as well as the potential for additional stipends for books, transportation, and personal expenses.


Full ride scholarships are rare and beneficial, Millions of students enrolled in one of the nation’s colleges and universities last year. Recent calculations show that only 0.2% of students got $25,000 or more in scholarships per year.

We all know going to college comes with a level of financial commitment that goes beyond tuition fees that we cannot afford sometimes but we need help with a full-ride scholarship, where you have all your expenses and tuition paid for in full. 

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