List of Writing Scholarships for High School and College

Many students are searching for writing scholarships to gain free tuition fees to college or graduate school. Most of these writing scholarships are specifically in journalism, English, writing, and other communication-related courses. The scholarship helps students gain a good education without being stranded in terms of finance.

In the aspect of writing scholarships, it is more different from the usual essays out there, because applicants will write a good quality essay. It is for those who can flex their creative muse in telling captivating stories. In the end, you might be fortunate to earn recognition through your writing.   

The application process for writing scholarships consumes lots of time compared to others. If you have an online portfolio it will be easy to apply for a writing scholarship. It is essential to proofread essays to eliminate grammatical errors and spelling. Also, any documents you will be submitting to the funder must be accurate and correct. also read how to win any scholarship to be on the safer side of the application. We are going to see different writing scholarships.   

List of Writing Scholarships for High School and College

These are writing scholarships for creative writers, journalist, and linguist can write to get finance for their studies: 

1. Bob Eddy Scholarship:

The Bob Eddy Scholarship comes every Spring Season with an award price between $1,000 to $2,500. During the selection process, four outstanding students in the junior and senior categories with an outstanding essay will be chosen. Before a candidate can be eligible, they must reside in Connecticut or attend Connecticut colleges.

Students must submit their essay before April 1st with other things such as transcripts, PDF portfolio, and essays free from plagiarism. The main theme of writing is on events or happenings that have affected the writer’s life and it could be physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

2. AEL Collegiate Essay Contest Scholarship:

It is an annual writing scholarship to sponsor writers into High School or College. Successful candidates have the privilege of enjoying three different scholarships worth $1,000, $1,500, and $2,500 consecutively. Writers must submit a 1,500 words unique essay on “How diversity enriches American Society”.

U.S citizens or naturalized citizens have added advantage over other writers vying for the same scholarship. The judges want unique essays with either Chicago or MLA style. Also, there must be cited sources in the essay. The contest application forms are on Google Drive till June 30, which happens to be the deadline.

3. BESLA Student Scholarship:

The Sponsor of the BESLA Student Scholarship is the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Association, and they have provided over $150,000 worth of writing scholarships. It came into existence in 2000, and primarily for writers in the legal profession. Each year, there are seven different legal writing scholarships before the deadline which is October 14.

One of the criteria for any legal applicant is being in either second or third year in law schools. According to research, there is preference for HBCU students in Texas Southern, Howard, Florida, and North Carolina Central. The essay must be a five-page essay with double-spacing formatting.

4. Edward L. Stockton Jr. Graduate Scholarship:

If you have a good Grade Point Average (GPA), of at least 3.0, you can apply for the writing scholarship. It is a postgraduate program for writers offering any master’s programs and also studying either literature or the English language.

Those offering part-time courses are not eligible applicants for the scholarship. The yearly commencement for the scholarship is April 6, and other documents such as two recommendation letters and college transcripts. 

5  Bill Walsh Scholarship:

The scholarship started in 1999, and it was formed to pay tribute to the Late Washington Post copy editor. If you happen to be either a Junior, Senior, or Graduate enrolled in one of the accredited institutions in the U.S. you are qualified for the writing scholarship.

Some documents must be ready for the application such as a resume, three reference letters, and a unique 500-word essay. Also, candidates will rewrite an article, listing different creative nine-word headlines that are captivating. The application, essay, and documents should be emailed as PDF or Word files before the deadline (November 15).

6. Ella T. Grasso Literary Scholarships:

Successful applicants for the writing scholarship obtain $1,000. An Italian American candidate must show they are a full-time student in a reputable university. Also, a GPA of 3.0 is necessary for students to have when applying for it.

On the other hand, applicants are judged based on merit from their unique essays. It involves writing 1,500 to 2,500 words on their experiences in Italian-American before May 15. There is a Ralph Torraco Fine Arts Scholarships worth over $2,500 for creative writers.

7. John Lennon Scholarships:

Since 1997, the founder of the scholarship has been in collaboration with Yoko Ono offering writing scholarships worth over $400,000 through the John Lennon Scholarship Program. Every Spring Season, there are industry executives and a panel of musicians awarding three $20,000 scholarships for songwriters.

The applicant must be a recent U S. College student or recent graduate between the age of 17 to 24 with an in-depth skill in songwriting. Any application comes with lyrics and scoring of music not owned by a music label. It could be bluegrass, country, and even writers who write folklore can submit their application for the sum of $5,000 before January 1st.

8. Barbara Deming Memorial Fund:

It is one of the oldest writing scholarships contributing $500 to $1,000 to both cisgender and transgender female writers. Any Feminist residing in countries like the U.S., or Canada can send their applications to obtain the scholarship.

The grant from the scholarship specifically solves issues relating to the female genders and also advocates for equality. The application for the scholarship is a 400-word essay, resume, budget, sample of fiction or poetry works. These documents will be submitted in PDF format to the scholarship funders.

9. GardenComm Academic Scholarships:

The founder of the scholarship is located in New York City, USA, and the organization started issuing out writing scholarships in 1948. They offer over $1,000 grants to their successful applicants. It is a journalism scholarship centered on the horticulture and floriculture industries. The scholarship candidates must be either undergraduate or Master’s degree students in the institution to gain eligibility.

Also, candidates must be good at both plant science and journalism. The scholarship picks out a total number of nine students to benefit from the writing scholarship scheme, and it occurs after the final deadline (December 13). 

10. Penguin Random House Creative Writing Awards:

It is a leading publishing firm in the United States of America with over $3.7 billion estimated value. In each year, they offer five $10,000 writing awards for students. It is available for High School and College undergraduates below the age of 21 only.

New York metropolitan residents have access to be beneficiaries of the award and they must upload a 4+ pages literary work that is typed and double spaced before April 15. It is advisable to apply early because it is the first 900 pieces of spoken words, nonfiction, poetry, and fictional works that will be read.

11. Many Voices Fellowships:

The Playwrights’ Center is the founder of the scholarship and have done joint work with Jerome Foundation. It was formed in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing writing scholarships to both indigenous and minority writers of color. Each of the applicants gets a monthly of $18,000.

Also, $2,500 is given to assist dramatists produce unique scripts for their plays. Any interested applicants will have to apply through the SlideRoom on December 5th. Having a theatrical production resume, two recommendation letters, and a one-page personal statement is necessary for the application process.

12. Carlozzi Family Scholarship

The writing scholarship assists female writers wanting to make a career through writing. If you are a new female writer, juniors, or seniors enrolled as full-time students in the U.S. institutions are given priority in this scholarship especially from the Tri-State Area.

The applicants need a GPA of at least 3.20 in English language, journalism, communication, professional writing, and other related courses. The application for the scholarship should be ready before January 31st, with documents such as a writing portfolio, two reference letters, and transcripts.

13. Frank R. Mundy Scholarship:

The scholarship was created to pay homage to the late President and Greenwood Index-Journal editor. The winners for the scholarship must be a South Carolina resident or enrolled in a four-year program in the state. It is for juniors and seniors in any related journalism field who are qualified for the writing scholarship.

It is required for applicants to possess outstanding writing skills to work in their school’s newspaper. Every year, the deadline for the scholarship is before January 1st, and after which candidates can apply for a two months internship to have vast knowledge and they will get a benefit of over $3,200.

14. Pauline Frederick Robbins Scholarship:

The institution was founded by Pauline Frederick Robbins to honor the 1930 alumna and journalism pioneer who had worked for NBC. It is a writing scholarship based on merits for young and aspiring writers and the deadline for submission is April 15th.

Any female postgraduate student with outstanding results gets a financial award to further their TV or radio career in journalism. For an MA in journalism demands a minimum GPA of 3.0. There are important documents for applicants to submit such as transcripts, resume, two recommendation letters, a 500-word essay, and a $55 admission fee.

15. Grattan & Stephen T. Gray Scholarship:

It began in 1878 in Michigan offering over 120 endowed scholarship funds. Any successful Monroe County High School seniors get a $500 award, and the fund assists them to further their education into a journalism field such as publishing, or digital media.

If you live in Michigan, you are eligible to apply from December 2nd to February 21st. The good news is it has nothing to do with whether your GPA is low or high. As a first-time student, you can apply online to submit writing samples and transcripts.

16. Patricia Cornwell Creative Writing Scholarship:

It is one of the biggest writing scholarships in the United States of America. There is an award of $30,000 to encourage aspiring best-sellers. Also, any college fresher enrolled as a full-time with over 15-semester credits in any field is eligible for the scholarship.

Every candidate should submit samples of their writing works in any genre such as science, thriller, action, comic, fiction, and many others. Also, the need for a 500-word essay on the topic “the role of writing in one’s life” is necessary too. The deadline for early decision is November 15th, while the regular decision is January 6th.

Conclusion on List of Writing Scholarships for High School and College:

Writing scholarships for High School and College help to fund aspiring best-sellers to pursue their dream course in either communication, journalism, English language, or other related fields. Also, writing samples should be unique because applicants with plagiarized work won’t be accepted for any of the writing scholarships. 

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