Korea National University of Arts Courses

Have you heard about Korea National University of Arts courses at an institution in the capital of South Korea (Seoul)? The Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is the founder of the institution. One of the major aims of the school is to cultivate artists, and it has over 26 departments in six different schools, such as Drama, Visual Arts, Schools of Music, Film, Korean Traditional Arts, TV & Multimedia. 

The school has a goal of “Ten-Year Project for Cultural Development” and the establishment of the National Arts institution was one of the major focuses for this project. In the early 1980s, there was no Korean institution that was focused on artistic issues, and this led to the relocation of aspiring artists to a foreign country where they place focus on artists. In 1993, the announcement was made for the establishment of the Korea National University of Arts.

In the whole of Asia, it is the only national institution that is preparing young artists in different artistic genres and also offering a fully-funded scholarship. They have courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students while grooming young talents in arts. In 2003, a total number of 2,600 students enrolled in Korea National University of Arts, and presently, they have 730 professors teaching students in their latest art studios.

Academic Programs in Korea National University of Arts

They have the following programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • An artistic performance training program
  • The talented artist education system

Different Schools and Department in Korea National University of Arts

School of Drama

They have various departments like playwriting, stage design, theatre studies, acting, and directing.

School of Dance

They have departments like choreography, dance performance, art management, dance theory

School of Music

They have departments like opera, instrumental music, musical technology, conducting, composition, musicology, vocal music, etc.

School of Film, TV & Multimedia

They have departments like cinema studies, multimedia, broadcasting, animation, film making, animation, etc.

School of Visual Arts

They have departments such as design, architecture, art theory, fine art, etc.

School of Korean Traditional Arts

They have departments such as traditional music, traditional dance, art, theory, traditional folk theatrics, etc.

Different Achievements by Korea National University of Arts

Sunwook Kim was one of the renowned pianists who took part in the Leeds International Piano Competition. In 2006, he signed a contract with Askonas Holt that enabled him to perform with the Briton Philharmonic. Another person is Shin Hyeonsu, the winner of the Long-Thibaud International Competition for Violin. After the competition, she was awarded two special awards – the recital and orchestra award.

Another K-graduate was the winner of the NY international Ballet Competition. Also, a K-Arts student obtained an international certification from RIBA relating to Architecture. The Korean movie “The Chaser” bagged the Best Script Award in PIFF from different film awards such as The Grand Bell Awards, The Baeksang Arts Awards, The Blue Dragon Film Awards, etc.

Notable Alumni of Korea National University of Arts

The following persons who have graduated from the school are Ahn Eun-jin, Choi Han-bit, Jin Kyung, Jung So-min, Byun Yo-han, Jin Seon-kyu, Kim Dong-wook, Lee Jeong-beom, EunWon Lee, Lee So-Yeon, Jin Sang Lee, Kim Go-Eun, Lee Je-hoon, Kim Sun-wook, etc.


The Korea National University of Arts is a school that supports budding artists to have more experience in their fields. You need to have some level of English or Korean proficiency to interact with lecturers and students. Therefore, if you have flair for artistic work, you can enroll in this school.

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