Scholarship Application: Frequently Asked Questions

There are different frequently asked scholarship application questions that are commonly asked by scholarship providers to students, and it is expected for the student to give the correct answer. The truth is studying in other Western countries is not difficult as other people might see it. It is something that requires a proper plan for anyone to follow.                 

The path when students find it a daunting task is finding the ideal place for the scholarship. The essence of the topic is to enlighten brilliant students with numerous questions relating to scholarships. Therefore, there is no need for them to panic if they could take their time and study these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Scholarship Application  

The following are the different questions on the scholarship application, and they are:

1. What are the various scholarships available?

Presently, there are different types of scholarships, especially for those at the college level. In this scholarship, we have both partial and fully funded ones. The fully-funded scholarships cover different bills the students have to pay, such as tuition fee, accommodation, books, etc. Whereas the partial scholarship might cover the tuition fee, and it won’t protect others.

International students are getting value from these scholarships, especially for those who have no money or from impoverished backgrounds. Also, there are specific regions that scholarships are meant to fit their needs. For instance, an international student from a STEM-related field such as mathematics, technology, science, etc., can apply. 

2. Are there any probability of gaining a Scholarship?

The high number of students competing for the scholarship increases, and making it hard for those wanting the scholarship. Students need to have a high score in their academic or exceptional performance to keep them on a pedestal to be considered for scholarship awards.

It is best to offer quality applications to have the edge over other students vying for the same scholarship. Besides, aspiring students for scholarships can perform different things to increase their chances, like sending lots of scholarship applications. Many students have missed scholarships due to late submission.

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3. Are there Scholarships for Postgraduate Degrees?

It is another frequently asked question for inquisitive students interested to further their education. Some of these foreign institutions are in high demand of skillful graduates. Therefore, they use scholarships to invite these students to benefit from their skills. No matter the level of your education or study, there are many opportunities to fit every student.

Also, scholarship is majorly for students with the correct documents. Some of these scholarships are master’s scholarships, postdoctoral scholarships, Ph.D. scholarships, and academic scholarships. You can get more info on

There is a QS scholarship for students, and it comes up every year. The good thing about it both undergraduates and postgraduates can apply for it. It requires one to fill in the application process before the deadline.

4. Where can I get the different scholarship opportunities?

Before one can start finding scholarship opportunities, one must be sure they meet the necessary criteria to make it happen. It is the reason many universities list out the following documents students should possess before they could be considered eligible for it. The surest way to get the information is by checking the website for various schools to match it up with your credentials.

For further clarification, students who an institution hasn’t accepted won’t be given any form of preference. Besides the institution of your choice funding your scholarship program, there are still options for you to cast your net by applying for other university scholarships. Some of them could be charities funded by different bodies such as organizations, the government, etc.

The easiest way to solve this issue is using websites such as or International If you aren’t comfortable with the results from the internet, you can visit the government consulate of the institution. For instance, if the school is in Canada, you can go to a Canadian embassy from your country of residence for more vital information. Another option is the DAAD’s scholarship database.

5. Is it Right to apply for a Scholarship before my admission to a University?

Students should inform the school of their financial status to prevent difficulty later in the future. In some schools, students can apply for scholarships ahead of their admission, and it offers them more time to inform the school either they are financially stable or not. When students are not given a scholarship, they can withdraw their application and search for another alternative to funding their studies.

6. What will show my eligibility for any Scholarship Application?

The only way applicants can get to know their eligibility is through reading the scholarship details. Every nationality would have its eligibility or requirements, especially if it were only for students from a specified region.

Those who the institution has admitted has a better chance to get university scholarship. If it happens to be government scholarships, indigenous students will get funds, likewise international students. Some of these requirements are good grades, language proficiency tests in either TOEFL or IELTS.

7. Are there other things for the submission of Scholarship Application?

The application process can be confusing, especially for those who have no idea about the application process. The institution might want their aspiring students to submit documents such as transcription grades, recommendation letters, statement of purpose. If there are other documents to offer, the school will contact you directly.

8. What are the Basic things in a Scholarship Essay?

There are different ways to go concerning this, and at times the applicant should add anything that will make them different from others. It could be related to your course because scholarship providers are curious to know why they have to invest their scholarship in you. It is crucial to include critical things to capture the interviewer, like academic qualifications, interests, ambitions, etc. If you could relate it to your program, it will be perfect that way.

9. What is the ideal time to apply for scholarships abroad?

No matter the scholarship you want to apply for your course of study, deadlines are attached to them. For instance, if it has to do with fall admission, international students can apply for the scholarship during the Summer Season. For the Winter admission, it will be late in the fall before students can apply for it. On the other hand, it is relevant to check admission details on the school website to know the deadline.

10. Is there any help with the scholarship application letter?

If you want to know more about a particular scholarship that captures your interest, you can ask the scholarship provider, and they will be willing to guide and advise you on anything bothering your mind.

11. How to avoid scholarship scams?

There are many scholarship scams out there. If you are so desperate, you might fall for this quick scam. One way to know scholarship scams is when the application process becomes too easy, and any school offering you a guaranteed scholarship, you need to doubt their legitimacy.

If you feel you are convinced about a given scholarship, you can research online to have details about the same scholarship. After the research, if there is no enough info; it is best to walk away to avoid future regrets. For any scholarship, check the website of the school or organization offering the scholarship

12. Who is going to write a reference letter for me?

A higher percentage of institutions will ask for a reference letter, and it will be wrong for someone who is not conversant with you to write this letter. The reason why it is best for someone familiar with you to write a reference letter is that they know you to some extent and they will say something good about you. Some of these people could be guidance, parents, teachers, counselors, and many others.

13. Will wrong spellings or grammars affect my essay?

Yes, it will affect scholarship essays. It is expected for students or applicants to write good grammar and correct spellings for the interviewer or scholarship provider to get the information you are trying to convey through your essay. The message is not conveyed due to its errors; it will decrease your chances of gaining a scholarship.

14. What if I don’t have any financial issues? Can I get the scholarship?

Yes, you are still legible to win the scholarship, especially when you have an outstanding academic performance. Also, there is no fixed price to the financial need because the institution determines the kind of money you need. For instance, one attending an institution in the Capital or metropolitan areas of a country will require money due to lots of expenses such as accommodation, transportation, feedings, and other miscellaneous costs.

15. Who can assist me in getting more information on my scholarship?

High school students can seek the help of their guidance, counselor, or any other person to help them source more info. The reason for using these people is because they have experience in terms of research. Therefore, it won’t be bad if you can’t source scholarship info, and you can’t tell someone to help you with it.

16. Are there any importance of taking SAT and act Exams?

Both tests or exams are crucial because of their different roles. The ACT is to access students relating to things they have learned in their high schools. SAT is for those who have skills or think very fast. On the other hand, you can still write the two tests to determine your score. The score you have allow you to know where you need some improvement.

17. Can I use an old essay for a new scholarship?

You can use old essays you have written before to apply for a new scholarship. The better way to do this is to recycle the old essays or take some parts of them to recreate a new one. Students are recycling their old essays to get a new scholarship. You can be part of those students who will be in line to acquire a new scholarship. There are some situations you might be allowed to select your essay topic to write, and you can write something descriptive about yourself.

18. What are the essential tips for sourcing scholarships in my locality?

There are various finding scholarships through churches, organizations, the internet, high schools, etc. If you know their website or contacts, you can dig out for more information from them


Students need to have ideas on answering frequently asked questions relating to scholarships. The more questions they know, the more answers they can provide to those questions. The article has offered multiple answers, but it will make lots of sense to go through them.     

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