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Cartoon Network Studio is one of the popular studios in the world when it comes to animation. They have produced top-notch animated movies that have won several awards. The company is owned by multiple people who have come together, but one of the major owners is Global Kids. The major aim of the studio is to produce animated programs for Cartoon Network.

In 2010, there was a large expansion of the company into others such as HBO Max, Adult Swim, and Cartoonito. Besides being an animated studio, they have produced only one theatre film called “The Powerpuff Girls”, and was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Most of the animated productions done for the company take place in South Korea, while the pre-production and post-production are in the United States.

Most Cartoon fans and gamers are fond of Cartoons like Teen Titans, Gumball, Tom & Jerry, etc. There are other Cartoon Network games played on tech gadgets like tablets, computers, smartphones, and many others. The Google PlayStore is another wonderful place to download animated games.

Many Undergraduate students are in search of opportunities in Cartoon Network Studio for their internships. High-qualified students have the edge of been shortlisted on their internship list. The good thing is every undergraduate student from different parts of the globe has the privilege of enrolling for the internship.

Interns will get exposure to more production pipelines and familiarize themselves with numerous animated series. Also, top animation experts will mentor them on different aspects relating to animation such as Cartoon design, color, digital clean-up, and much more. At this juncture, let’s get to have more details on Cartoon Network Internship.

Cartoon Network Internship

The internship is for creative and dedicated interns passionate about pre-production, production, and post-production of animation. It is a huge opportunity to do an internship in a big company like Cartoon Network because they have one of the largest producers of comics. Also, the internship offers the right knowledge of different patterns of comic production.

Field of Study

The internship is for students offering Animation as their major or similar courses.

Host Nationality

The internship is organized in Burbank, California, United States.

Eligible Nationality for the Internship

It is for everyone interested in animation

Scholarship Worth of the Internship

Interns for the program will be paid a stipulated fee during the internship.

Criteria for the Cartoon Network Internship

Before any student can be eligible for the internship, they must meet the following:

  • An undergraduate in any reputable University either Junior or senior
  • Their course of study should be a 4-year university or college.
  • Animation or other related courses like Fine Arts, Graphics designer, Illustration, etc., can apply for the internship.
  • A minimum GPA score of 3.0
  • Be available for work between 15 to 20 hours every week.
  • A team player with a great attitude to work with other students, and Cartoon Network staff.
  • He or she can handle different tasks and meet strict deadlines
  • Additional experiences with other Adobe tools like After Effects, Photoshop, ToonBoom, Filemaker Pro, etc., will be helpful throughout the internship.
  • Fresh graduates and postgraduate students are not eligible for the internship.

Methods for Applying for the Cartoon Network Internship

It is essential to apply for this Cartoon Network Internship, and there is a need for international students to prepare their documents to be eligible for the program. Any further position with the company will have to be through the The internship takes place for 12 weeks, and it is 15-20hrs/week.

Education Requirements for Cartoon Animator

Having a good educational background is important for anyone wanting to have Cartoon Network Internship. On the other hand, eyeing a bachelor’s degree in fields either Fine Art, Animation, or Graphic design is one of the best ways to pursue a Cartoon  Animation degree. The good thing about this field, they have opportunities to work in diverse places such as advertising industries, entertainment, and design.

A good animator must have exceptional drawing skills and other art techniques to create animated commercials. Therefore, when you are submitting a portfolio, a bachelor’s degree is an added advantage on one side. The maximum credit unit an animator student is expected to offer throughout his or her undergraduate is a minimum of 200 credit units.

Admission Requirements for Cartoon Animator

The student has to enroll in an Art program to gain experience in their field. Students should include the best work on their portfolios and abilities too. Every school has its specific requirements of the necessary things that must be seen inside a portfolio, and their right format. For instance, most animation design program begins with major courses covering drawing techniques, color theory, thematic design, character movement, and many others.

In some advanced courses, computer animation, illustration, and conception are studied too. Also, it might demand students to finish and submit an animation project to a panel of animation judges for criticism. Based on the different observations by the judges students can improve on their animation works.

Cartoon Network Internship

An internship is essential in any field because of the level of exposure it offers. In the same vein, Cartoon Animator requires this Cartoon Network Internship to gain awesome practical experience. Also, they can build their resumes and make themselves becomes a potential employee in the future after their educational program.

Furthermore, some students are lucky to work side-by-side with a mentor vast in Cartoon Animation, and it is a better way of gaining opportunities working in either art studio, animation studio, magazine, film studios, etc. Let’s get to see these 10 Cartoon Network Internships available for students to send in their applications.

10 Cartoon Network Internships for 2021

These are the numerous network internships, and they are:

1. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Games Production:

The company is in search of interns for its Spring 2021 Cartoon Network Games Production Program. It is a part-time internship that will go through a period of 12 weeks but students have to work 20 to 30 hours per week. Interns have different works assigned to them such as data collection, handle archiving, asset organization, etc.

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2. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Creative Group:

Do you major in animation or media studies and you are aiming to become a producer. Interns will have the privilege to work with Cartoon Network Creative Group to manage the creative process, final delivery of assets, and maintaining budgets. 

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3. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Digital:

Cartoon Network Digital Program students can submit their applications to work with Cartoon Network. They will create, test cases, test plans, execute manual tests, and test new content for the company.

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4. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Design:

It is another Cartoon Network Internship for students to submit their various resumes. Interns for this internship will work on conceptualizing designs. It is expected for students to possess some level of proficiency in handling software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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5. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Digital Design:

The Cartoon Network Internship offers students opportunities to take part in Creative Brainstorm to discover new ideas. One of the greatest skills for the internship is getting conversant with the knowledge of After Effects.

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6. Spring 2021 Intern- Cartoon Network Social Design:

It is a Cartoon Network Social Design Program for students. The internship comes with thrilling opportunities for students to become competent, and creative to work on future projects involving Cartoon Network’s Social Media.

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7. Spring 2021 – Cartoon Network Public Relations Intern:

Students can benefit from this Cartoon Network Internship to gain new skills. Anyone seeking a career path in fields like Marketing, and Communications can be part of the Cartoon Network team to acquire experience handling simultaneous projects. The internship is for 12 weeks.

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8. Spring 2021 CNN Intern – Network Booking:

Talented students can apply for the Cartoon Network Internship for Network Booking Program. With the experience gotten from the internship, students can learn to pitch books for both digital and TV.

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9. Spring 2021 – Cartoon Network & Adult Swim PR Intern:

Cartoon Network offers this internship for Public Relations Interns. During the internship program, students will get exposure to working with the press and also create something associated with Cartoon Network.

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10. Spring 2021 Original Series Development Intern:

The internship is available for creative interns that can handle different works such as books, treatments, animatics, reviewing storyboards, researching projects, etc.

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Cartoon Network Internship is one of the internships for animation students to become versatile in their area of specialization. If you are among the students selected for the internship, you have to consider yourself lucky and make good use of it. Those having this internship can add it to their resumé to attract high-paying employers.

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