List of All Canada Scholarships Announced in 2021

Many international students from different parts of the world migrate to Canada based on the various scholarships available, especially those finding it difficult to sponsor themselves. Presently, there are over 6,000 courses in more than the 97 institutions in Canada. The Canadian government is involved in sponsoring most of these Canadian institutions.           

The country has a good reputation based on its quality education. Over the years, they have been among the list of other countries recognized for their excellent performances. Also, it has lured many students to enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. When once an individual becomes a beneficiary for the scholarship, they are privileged in getting financial aid.

In Canada, there are international institutions that can enroll without the need for IELTS. Different universities are ranked high in the university ranking system, such as McMaster University, University of Toronto, Ontario, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Montreal. Also, having a degree from any Canadian university shows some level of excellence. Find out how to answer common admission interview questions here

Why must you Consider Studying in Canada?

Canada is a country that is involved in harnessing talents from various parts of the world. As a result of this, the number of international students is increasing every year. The Canadian government makes things easier for both indigenous and international students. These are the reasons to study in Canada:

1. Work Class Experience:

The university is recognized for offering quality education to students who want either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Based on the world-class education they offer students, most of their universities are on the list of top 100 universities in the world.

2. Work While Studying:

It is one of the reasons international students are striving hard to gain admission in Canada because as a student they can find a job where they can earn extra income to solve other expenditure needs. International students can use their Canadian study permit to work while studying in Canada.

3. Employment After Graduation:

The essence of going to school is to get a high-paying job. In Canada, there are work programs for students to gain employment in other countries. For instance, a student with a diploma certificate can work to earn a living for themselves.

4. Vast Knowledge of Tech Industry:

In Canada, many industries cut across different sectors such as digital media, telecommunication, Biotech, Aeronautical Engineering, and many others. It would be best to get the right professional qualifications before you can be eligible to work for any of the industries.

5. Maximum Safety and Security:

We only live once, and safety is an essential factor one must consider before traveling from their country of residence to Canada. The safety of Canada plays a vital role in the geometrical increase of international students every year.

6. Free Admission without IELTS:

In Canada, there are institutions where one can study without any need for them to write IELTS tests. It is one of the advantages of studying in Canada. In some countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the chances of getting universities that accept students without IELTS are low. Some of these Universities in Canada without IELTS are Brock University, Concordia University, University of Regina, University of Winnipeg, etc.

7. High Scholarship Opportunities:

Institutions in Canada have many scholarship programs for international students to benefit from funding their courses. Therefore, if your school is in Canada, you might be opportune to be part of the students who will enjoy the enormous financial gains coming with a scholarship.

List of Canadian Scholarships in 2021

Here are the following scholarships for 2021:

1. Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards:

It is one of the Canadian scholarships for 2021. Besides having indigenous students part of the scholarship program, international undergraduate students can participate in the program. It has nothing to do with the course you are studying, and the foremost thing is to be a qualified student of the university.   

 2. HEC Montréal Scholarships:

It is another scholarship for international students studying at HEC Montréal. Also, it has mobility scholarships for international students to gain free admission to learn throughout their year of study in either an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

3. Queen’s University International Scholarships:

Queen university has its scholarship for students to gain financial rewards to find their education. The institution is in Kingston, Ontario, and some of the awards that come with the scholarship are for international students from countries like the US, India, and Pakistan.

4. Quest University Canada:

Any student privileged to be a beneficiary of the scholarship will enjoy lots of benefits. Every year, the school offers CAD 2,000 to qualified candidates for the scholarship. The good thing is international students have the right to the scholarship too.

5. UBC Graduate Scholarships:

It is a scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. students offering one course or the other in the school. The course you are offering has nothing to do with the scholarship as long as you are deemed for it and the institution’s four-year Graduate Support Initiative and Doctoral fellowships.

6. University of Alberta International Scholarships:

The university offers different scholarships for international students to gain maximally. As a result of their scholarships, both undergraduate and postgraduate students can become eligible for the scholarship.

7. University of Calgary International Scholarships:

There are criteria for selecting students for the University of Calgary international scholarships. The rate at which students are competing for the scholarship increases due to the high financial reward available to successful candidates. The award ranges from CAD 500 to 60,000.

8. University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards:

Before one has to be partaker for the scholarship, they must be ready to have merit-based excellence in the University of Saskatchewan international student awards. International students offering undergraduate courses can be fortunate to win this scholarship.

9. University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship:

From the name itself, it shows the scholarship is for postgraduate students already in search of funds to support their education. The doctoral students can either be masters or doctoral students seeking to complete their graduate program.


Canada is a country with several scholarship opportunities to assist students in getting quality education without paying for it. The primary thing is to gain admission to study either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree to open unlimited doors to different scholarships with financial rewards.

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