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Hey traveler! Are you in Dallas, Texas at the moment? Or are you planning a trip to Dallas, but you just don’t know what fun things do while you’re there?  not! We have 10 fun outdoor activities that will guarantee 100% fun time, cowboy time, peaceful time (because peace of mind is everything), and living the full life of a Texan without regrets while you’re there! We really can’t have you sitting at home or your wonderful resort all day in a beautiful city like Dallas now, can we? You’ve got to explore and tick off your fun things to do in Dallas because, in a city like Dallas, the fun never ends!

Well, what are you Waiting For? Let’s dive right in! 

The 10 most fun outdoor activities that you can do in Dallas, personally handpicked by yours truly.

1. Horseback riding in Rockwall

First things first! Do you want to experience that wild, hot Dallas lifestyle? (And hopefully, meet up with equally hot friends?) You don’t want to miss horseback riding in Rockwall. It’s guaranteed to help you enjoy, sweat a little -finally, get a little exercise done- and make friends so, why not? 

horseback riding in Rockwall Dallas
image source: peek.com

Even if you’ve never gone horseback riding, you just have to tell the attendants and they’ll find you the perfect horse that won’t give you a heart attack by the time you are done riding, so it still works fine. Not to forget that this certain activity will definitely give you that exciting Texan feeling and experience.

2. Visit Dallas zoo

2. Let’s not forget the Dallas zoo shall we? While you’re in Dallas you just can’t miss the opportunity to go feed a lion! Do you know what I mean?  Haha Kidding! But you do get to see some of the most exotic animals in the world in all their glory! You surely won’t get bored easily at the Dallas Zoo, with thousands of animals to discover, over 100 acres of land to explore, there is plenty to experience, the fun, and the opportunities are endless.

Dallas Zoo
image source: sworld.co.uk

You could have a scheduled chat with the zookeeper, be on time to watch a wild encounter show, feed one or all of the nine giraffes in the zoo, catch the train, carousel or monorail, try out the zoo’s scheduled night hike after dark, interact with and see trained birds fly and dive, amongst lots of other fun things you could do while you’re visiting the zoo.

3. Enroll in a dance class

What is Dallas mostly known for? Their cowboy boots, hats, dance, and everything! You know that cowboy fashion thing going on, so don’t forget to go shopping (which is another fun thing to do), enroll in a dance class and maybe even a language (Dallas accent) class and go show off your boots stomping moves in a party!

4. Watching cowboys and girls try to tame wild bulls

4. If you go to the stockyard, you have a chance to see those hot guys and ladies riding crazy animals and trying not to fall! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’m sure. Go scream out and cheer to your heart’s content every Friday and Saturday at stockyard while watching cowboys and girls try to tame wild bulls and bucking Broncos! Then stay for the other fun traditional activities that might just keep you in awe.

5. The six flags over Texas

If you feel all the above is too minor, then you might want to try the six flags over Texas, that adventure is definitely guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping while you’re in Dallas. 

The Six Flags Over Texas park are well known for their:

  • First Pay one Price (POP) admission.
  • The first theme park to take part in Broadway-style shows in 1961
  • First Intamin Ride, the Jet Set 
  • First Log Flume, El Aserradero in 1963
  • The first Mine Train Roller Coaster, Runaway Mine Train (1966)
  • Relaunch of the modern-day parachute ride, Removed in 2012.
  • First Freefall Ride, Texas Cliffhanger (later known as Wildcatter). Removed in 2007.
  • The first RMC I-Box hybrid coaster, New Texas Giant (2011)

6. Out sampling as many restaurants as you can

While you’re in Dallas, you don’t want to stay cooped up in your house when you could be out sampling as many restaurants as you can! Get a list of all their yummy looking traditional foods and get ready to start ticking them off as you eat! We have 10 food recommendations to surely try out while you are in Dallas:

  • Salmon fish and chips 
  • Chicken fluatas
  • Blue corn pancakes
  • Frozen margaritas 
  • Chocolate glob (cold or hot)

These are the must-have food experiences while you are in Dallas.

7. Visit the museum of Arts in Dallas

For art lovers, you’re not left out. While in Dallas you should visit the museum of Arts! The museum has a huge collection of artifacts that dates way back to the ’90s. You can start with checking out the Asian collections, the Mesoamerican, and even the African collections. It is a museum that won’t leave you bored surely. Due to its location, there’s also a bunch of restaurants where you can go for a quick snack before or after the museum. 

8. Book and hop on one of Dallas’s ghost tours

Here’s one for our horror lovers, while in Dallas you can book and hop on one of Dallas’s ghost tours. On scary, eerie nights, the tourists are taken to the haunted-looking, spooky buildings and bars while they’re being told scary stories, we trust your imaginations would do the rest.

9. A date with the sharks at the Dallas World Aquarium

Still feeling adventurous? Don’t worry, we’re not done here. Another fun outdoor activity you should try out in Dallas is none other than having a date with the sharks at the Dallas World Aquarium! There you get to see the proud collection of exotic sea animals. To complement the marine theme going on, they also have some really beautiful birds to show. 

10. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

After days of exploring the crazy and wild places in Dallas, our next fun place would be the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, for some peace and quiet, also for nature lover motivation. It is said to be a world-class attraction for botanists! And the best is, you can go any day you like! The flowers bloom all year.

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