How to Stay Motivated During an Exam Season

Motivated During an Exam
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As the examination duration nears, anxieties and pressure become a real strain on both your mental and physical state, and staying motivated during an exam period can be a real challenge. It is actually impossible to feel excited at the thought that you will be taking up exams, but there are a few ways you can relieve the pressure and help you go through the trepidations of the tests. Although they can be stressful, they don’t have to drain out all your determination. With that being said, listed below are tips on how to motivate yourself to study.

Organize your Study Area:

To prevent any distraction when revising, you need a spacious and comfortable study area. Ensure you have everything you need before settling down; things like a notebook, pencils, pens, research materials, and a glass of water. You will feel settled once the study area is organized and neat. Some music in the background will do the trick, but if you concentrate better in complete silence, then ensure there are no distracting sounds. Choose what works for you best.

Keep on top by staying organized

Breaking the work you need to do down into manageable chunks will help stop you becoming overwhelmed. Looking at the bigger picture can make things seem insurmountable. Make lists, plans or charts to help organize your remaining work. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than crossing out an item on your to-do list.

Get Rid of Distractions:

Doing away with all distraction might seem a no-brainer, but some students will be focused one second but the other they are on the social media. To ensure that you eliminate all the distractions, you need to write down all the distraction you may feel they will be a bother to you when studying and do your best to eradicate them. For example, you can delete all games in your computer or tablet, mute group chats, put the phone in flight mode or turn off the internet access.

Get a change of scenery:

Always staring out of the window looking at the sun when you should be revising? Even though it’s slightly irritating that the sun has just decided to shine in the midst of exam season, you can put a positive spin on that. Even though it might not be possible all of the time, perhaps on a particularly sunny day, or at the weekend, you can take your revision outside. But if you don’t fancy studying outside in the bright light, even just walking to a café, library or study space in the sunshine can lift your mood and motivate you.

Think Positively:

Despite the pressure and the stress, you might be experiencing; it is vital to remain positive. The people who always win the race are positive thinkers. If you don’t know how to handle exam season pressures, positive thinking is one trait you need to embrace. You can maintain positive thinking through obtaining motivational quotes and reading them repeatedly whenever you need a positive boost. The power of positive thinking may seem like a cliché, but don’t underestimate the influence of self-belief and a good attitude. Positivity breeds positivity.  

Set Some Goals:

Beginning your study with no ambitions or goals is like starting up a journey without a destination. In which case, it will be easy to lose motivation. No matter how big or small, set yourself some goals. They will give you the much-needed boost and prepare you to remain focused and achieve your goal. Even if it is perfecting a particular topic by a specific time or obtaining an A on your best subject, setting goals will help you push forward when you have no motivation. If your main worry is how to be motivated, setting reasonable goals will get you there.

Keep your end-goal in mind:

It’s easy to get bogged down by the overwhelming amount of work and revision that needs doing right now. Keeping your ambitions and motivations at the forefront of your mind is important. Whether that’s because you need to get a specific grade to get into a certain firm, or even just to fulfill a personal ambition, make sure that you remember what you’re aiming for and why so that your revision focuses on more than just about that one exam you’re panicking about. Put yourself back on track by remembering where you’re aiming to reach, whether that’s a law firm, law school, or somewhere else.

Get a Study Buddy:

Nothing is more motivating than another person. Studying with a friend or a group of people can greatly increase your drive both before and during your exams. Study buddies can also teach you new ways to achieve your goals and cement your learning.

Set weekly targets with your study buddy leading up to your exams and make a game of quizzing each other to keep things fun while you learn.

Study with the right friends:

Making studying into a social activity can help make it seem like less of a drag. Getting people together to work can therefore be hugely motivational – plus, they can keep you in line and on schedule.

What can be tricky is finding the right friends to study with. Be honest with yourself about how well you work with someone, and politely explain that there are certain people who really only serve to distract. A true friend will understand.

Study in a Group:

Studying in a group is one of the most effective techniques whenever you are stranded on how to motivate yourself to study. Many students have confessed to getting motivated when studying in a group. Of course, finding the right students to be part of the study group is very crucial. A group of four students will work best; more than five will become distracting.

Studying in a group will not only be fun, but it will also give a sense of accountability to every person in the group. Through your group, you can commit to each other to break or make a certain habit. Some more benefits of studying together are that you can pool your notes together and come up with better notes from everyone’s best points. Also, you can take advantage of the fact that everyone has different weaknesses and strengths.

If you come across a concept you don’t understand; there is a high chance that there will be someone in the group who understands it better.

Use what works

The beneficial part of the latter end of exam season is you’ll have tried and true revision techniques down. Go over what you’ve done so far and assess what worked best. That way, you can work smarter, not harder.

Take care of yourself:

Exam season can become an excuse to let everything else go, but keeping up with exercise, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and maintaining self-care are all essential to staying motivated. Make sure you make time to take care of yourself, or you risk having problems down the line.

Give yourself breaks:

It’s tempting to cram, but try to live by the motto ‘little and often’ when it comes to revision. One of the things that might help to focus in short bursts are applications that allows you to block access to certain websites like social media for certain periods of time.

If you can focus for that time and then take a short break in between intense study sessions, not only will you feel like you’re giving yourself a little reward, but you will also be giving your brain a rest, which is really important in helping you to retain and recall exam information more easily.


After a long session of revising, it is understandable to want nothing else than sleep but remember, you really need to get rid of the built up stress and tension. Some few minutes of exercising will be of much help to both your mind and health. You might be wondering how keeping yourself motivated and exercising are related but trust me you need it more than sleep.

What you don’t know is that exercising carries the benefits of more energy, improved mood, and better sleep. Exercising releases endorphins that help you have better concentration, feel happier, and fight mental illnesses. Set aside some 20 minutes of physical activity every day to do some exercise such as jogging, swimming or walking, this way, you will never be worried about how to get motivated to study anymore.

Don’t start celebrating too early:

One of the trickiest things about exam season is the fact you and your friends will likely finish at different times, which can mean friends start spending late nights celebrating while you still have an exam or two to prepare for.

As unfair as it seems (and is), don’t start your celebrations until your exams are over. Trying to keep a distance from your post-exam friends and stay focused on your work. If you’ve managed to go this long without partying, a few more days can’t be so difficult.

Allow yourself small victories

If you have a cluster of exams, you should plan small and manageable rewards after each one. It’ll help keep your spirits high and your motivation up if you acknowledge and treat yourself after some demanding work. It can also help you get back to studying, knowing you’ve taken a well-deserved (but short) break.

Reward Yourself:

No good deed should go unrewarded. Sometimes the best motivation is the reward you give yourself. In the lead-up to your exams use small incentives like free time, visits to friends or an hour with a non-study book to keep yourself motivated. And when your exams are done make sure you give yourself an appropriate reward, something equal to your feeling of achievement. Big or small rewards will help you motivate yourself to achieve the outcome you want.


If you don’t want the hours spent preparing for each exam to be in vain, you’re going to have to keep yourself motivated from the day you start studying, right up until the final minute of the last exam. Sounds bloody tough, but fortunately, the key to keeping yourself encouraged throughout the exam period is not studying 24/7. It’s about everything else that you do around your studies in order to keep the facts fresh.

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