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Keeping your mind at ease concerning your pets at all times even when unexpected accidents/injuries or illnesses occurs is what pet insurance is all about. Pet insurance covers the cost of treating an insured pet’s illness or injury either partly or in full.


  1. Lemonade Pet Insurance
  2. Embrace Pet Insurance
  3. Figo
  4. ASPCA Pet Insurance
  5. Healthy paws
  6. Trupanion
  7. Pet plan
  8. Pets best
  9. Nationwide

Lemonade Pet Insurance

Lemonade pet insurance plan is a plan that gives you the opportunity to choose your own terms of policy and add optional riders. This plan makes use of websites and mobile apps in selling and managing its policies.

Although certain breeds especially large dogs may be denied access to this plan if they are too old at signup, it saves you 10% when combining your pet insurance with a lemonade homeowners insurance policy.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace insurance plans are quite less expensive for both dogs and cats and discounts are also offered when insuring multiple pets.

This insurance plan doesn’t include a lifetime maximum payout though it’s plan does include annual limits. It offers wellness reward plans to pets and its insurance plan includes accidents only as well as accident and illness plan although pets from 15 years old which haven’t signed up to this plan already can only sign up in the accidents only plan.


FIGO pet insurance

Figo pet insurance plan offers three pet insurance plans for accidents and illnesses for both cats and dogs. The higher the plan, the higher the annual payout limit while highest plan does not have payout limits.

Figo offers adjustable customer service giving you 24/7 customer service. The plan also includes wellness plans for your pets and doesn’t have any network limits giving you a the opportunity of taking your pets to any licensed vet or animal hospital to file and make complaint for your covered services.

ASPCA Pet health Insurance

ASPCA Pet health Insurance

ASPCA Pet health Insurance offers accident and illness coverage as well as accident only for cats and dogs. It’s annual deductible and annual payout limits are adjustable.

ASPCA Pet Health insurance offers plan that may include behavioral issues are and other therapies. Already existing conditions coverage after 180 days of symptoms free quite faster than other insurers.


HEALTHY PAWS Pet health Insurance

Health paws is an insurance plan that has a flexible reimbursement level. It offers plans that takes care of accidents and illnesses with no payout limits and low annual deductible. It also takes care of alternate care for your pet which involves hydrotherapy, chiropractic Care and acupuncture.

Though it doesn’t take care of expenses for wellness, vet exams and behavioral issues treatment instead it gives bonus for referring a friend.


Trupanion insurance plan offers direct payment of veterinary expenses which saves you the stress of filing a claim by paying the vet’s office before you leave.

This plan like healthy paws has no payout limit and only one plan. It comes with various customer-friendly packages and also gives a bonus for referring a friend.


PETPLAN pet insurance

Petplan insurance plan covers pets plans for accidents and illnesses. It offers coverage of vet exams to your pets when they are injured or when they fall I’ll. This plan also offers annual deductible and payout limits.


PETS BEST pet insurance

This insurance plan covers mainly accidents and illnesses plan for cats and dogs not minding the age 9f your pets when signing up. It well offers two wellness plans for routine care for both dogs and cats. Pets best offer adjustable annual benefits as well as adjustable deductible and reimbursement rates giving you the opportunity to choose a policy that suits your budget.

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NATIONWIDE pet insurance

Nationwide insurance plan is the first insurance industry to offer pet insurance in the US. It is a plan that covers birds and other exotic pets like amphibians, rats, tortoises and the rest of them. This insurance plan not only have a long history in the insurance industry, it also offers multiple plans.


Pet Insurance plan Overall Rating Insurance Plan Network Size
Lemonade 3.9 Accidents and Illness Unlimited
Embrace 3.9 Accidents only and accident/illness 14
Figo 3.6 Accidents, illness Unlimited
ASPCA 3 8 Accidents only and accident/illness Unlimited
Healthy paws 4.3 Accidents, illness 14
Trupanion 4.1 Accidents, illness Unlimited
Petplan 3.6 Accidents, illness Unlimited
Pets best 3.9 Accidents, illness, wellness Unlimited
Nationwide 3.4 Accidents, illness, exotic 10


The main aim of a pet insurance plan is to help you manage cost concerning your pets. It also prepares you in case of unexpected injuries and illnesses that may happen to your pets at any given time since accidents can’t be controlled and in this process it keeps your mind at ease with you not having financial bother.


Being able to recognize the best is what makes it unique. Here are some of the qualities to look out for in going for the best insurance plans for your lovely pets:

  • They offer very generous accidents and illness coverage
  • They offer flexible payout limits and deductible
  • Terms of operation is transparent
  • Discounts are offered for insuring multiple pets
  • Some preventive care coverage are offered
  • Add- on riders are offered for additional protection.


The cost of pet insurance depends solely on the type of insurance policy you choose. According to moneymart, pet owners spend approximately between $20 to $60 monthly or $240 to $720 annually.


  • Accident and Illness Insurance: This insurance tends to pets when they are injured or fall ill..
  • Wellness Insurance: Wellness policies generally cover more routine issues like exams, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and nail trims.
  • Exotic Pet Insurance: A type of insurance that tends to pets that is not cat or dog and this type of insurance is very rare.


Choosing the best insurance plan for your pets keeps them safe and keeps you same concerning your pets. Before making a choice of a plan, there are some major areas you need to consider first. Some questions like;

  1. What type of policy do you need?
  2. Will the policy cover the health condition of your pet?
  3. What type of deductible does it come with?
  4. What is the payout limit

After settling down to answer these few questions I am sure choosing just the best plan for your lovely pets can no longer be a worry.

In the long run, your pets become a part of the family so help them lead long and healthy lives while keeping your minds at ease  by choosing the best pet insurance plans for them.

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