Olympos Beach in Antalya, Turkey.

12 Best Beach Resorts In Turkey

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Summer is already at the corner. If you have plans to come to Turkey for a vacation, come summer, you shouldn’t miss some top-notch tourist centers that you would find interesting.

As you’ve stumbled upon this article, I’m very sure you want answers to “the best beach results you can find in Turkey. ” You’ll learn about them shortly. Continue reading.

I will share the best beaches with you in this article; I have reviewed them based on the number of visitors, not their respective locations.

You may pick one or two out of them, as it will cost you a lot of time if you want to visit all the beaches.

So, kindly pick out of the 12 beaches I have compiled in this blog post for you. I can bit my chest that they are highly appropriate for you to include in your summer vacation to-do list.

The beaches I would be talking about shortly usually receive visitors from neighboring countries, European countries, and globally.

Perhaps, you might even be one of those coming from the United States, and you are worried if you’ll find people from the same country with you? Of course, yes! There are people from the U.S. and people from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates planning their vacation to Turkey.

Not only will you be visiting beautiful beaches in the cities of Turkey, but you also get access to many other things you can do in Turkey as a tourist this summer.

To assist you in planning your to-do list for the next summer vacation, I’ll be discussing only beautiful beaches in the various cities of Turkey that you can visit with your family, friends, or even business partner.

There we go!

12 Best Beaches To Visit In Turkey:

1. Ladies Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Ladies Beach in Kusadasi, Turkey Beach Resorts
Image Source: tripadvisor.com

Among all, this the Beach that’s close to Instanbul city, as in the main route linking Instanbul to other well-known cities for tourists.

2. Kleopatra Beach in Alanya

Kleopatra Beach in Alanya turky brach resorts
Image Source: www.viator.com

Located in Antalya District and has golden sand that distinguishes it from others.

3. Kaputas Beach in Kalkan

Kaputas Beach in Kalkan turky beach resort beach guide
Image Source: worldbeachguide.com

A lot of people usually argue that this is the most famous Beach Turkey ever had.

4. Kalkan public beach.

Kalkan public beach turkey
Image Source: theturquoisecollection.com

Its location is in Antalya province but close to Fethiye.

5. Lara Beach in Antalya

Lara Beach in Antalya
Image Source: www.loveholidays.com

The best Beach is located in Antalya, Turkey.

6. Konyaalti Beach in Antalya, Turkey.

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya, Turkey.
image source: independent-travellers.com

One of the best in Antalya, Turkey, apart from the Lara beach.

7. Kabak Beach.

Kabak Beach.
image Source: holidayfromwhere.com

You’ll find this beach in the southern part of the Mediterranean coast.

8. Butterfly Valley in Fethiye, Turkey.

Butterfly Valley in Fethiye, Turkey.
Image source: www.bbc.com

You’ll find this in the Fethiye district of Mugla province on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

9. Olympos Beach in Antalya, Turkey.

Olympos Beach in Antalya, Turkey.
Image Source: travelatelier.com

An ancient city located in a river valley near the sea.

10. Oludeniz Blue Lagoon in Fethiye

Image Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Due to the water’s calmness even during storms, it’s usually called the dead sea.

11. Patara Beach.

Image Source: beachsearcher.com

The Beach is full of sand, and that makes it different from others.

12. Kekova Island.

Image Source: www.picfair.com

A long time ago, this island was known as the first democratic federation in Turkey.


No doubt that summer is usually the perfect time to go on that vacation you’ve wanted to! It’s the best time to witness the experience of Turkey’s most beautiful and natural beaches!

However, the main goal is knowing where the beautiful-looking beaches are in Turkey,  well, now you know!

Another thing you need to be aware that not all cities that have tourist beaches in them are easily accessible. An example is the Instanbul city, and it turns out that it receives fewer tourists, which makes people like visiting there during summer.

Turkey consists of unique things that can WOW tourists who visit its country for recreational purposes! Get set. Turkey is ever ready to adore you with its beautiful beaches.

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