Global Cyber University: Courses, Admission, Tuition, Acceptance

The institution is filled with numerous students determined to create an impact in their community and the world at large. Students in Global Cyber University are trained to have a developed mindset that will give them the confidence to fear life challenges and also create solutions for them. Everything about the University is centered on the way different people live their lives.

Also, students can adapt to the university curriculum to suit their own needs, and it could be either simple or advanced studies that can be easy for them to access with ease. The school is becoming partners with other universities by providing online platforms for their students. As a result of this, students can take advantage of this opportunity to have an ultimate goal in their career.

About Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University is one of the Universities in the world educating and also globalizing students on Korean tradition. The major aim of the institution is to promote K-Culture or Hallyu Culture in different places in the world. In some countries, Global Cyber University is referred to as BTS University, and it is an institution based on the Gongik ideal.

Koreans have a philosophy that is part of their culture, and so many of the citizens have placed it right on the tables of their hearts. The philosophy is part of the components forming the foundation of Global Cyber University educational pedagogy, and it is Hongik in Korea. The meaning of Hongik is “live and work for the benefit of all, not just yourself”.

The era of information technology has made it easier for students to gain an advantage of the Global Cyber University with more possibilities compared to the past. The kind of education in the institution is making people incorporate the right attitude in their lives. At this juncture, we could dive further to see some reasons for choosing Global Cyber University.

Reason for Choosing Global Cyber University

Yes, there are reasons for selecting the Global Cyber University for an educational path, but one needs to ask themselves this question “What do they want to achieve in their lives?”. The answers you get from the question will offer the best decision to take.

The university contributes lots of cultural information in the world like other universities in the globe. Also, they have another goal which is helping students harness their talents to offer benefits to the world at large. They develop world talent through the use of popular Art and Culture. 

Furthermore, at Global Cyber University, they believe so much in education as the major thing or instrument that can influence the lives of numerous people compared to tech gadgets and even TV shows. The institution shows the world the real meaning of Korean Culture to both indigenous and international students.

Based on technology, the internet is creating more impact on many things and Global Cyber University is also benefiting from it too. Many students can gain access to different things on the internet such as information and it has nothing to do with whether they are financially stable or not. Even the aged ones are in search of extra education to keep themselves informed with the latest thing or trend in vogue.

The system of learning in education has changed drastically, adapting to study curriculum to fit their needs, and advanced study can be achieved this way. The institution is becoming part of the fast changes occurring in the educational sector, and they are offering the same study value compared to online Universities.

The only negative effect of using the internet for learning is because of student isolation, while in a conventional system of education, students come together to learn and also interact with one another to get additional information on a given topic.

It is better than an online lecture because students can ask their lecturers direct questions to get a clearer understanding on a given topic. The institution assists collaborative learning amongst students through their internet and draws students closer to one another.

What is the Major Aim of the Institution?

They are known for helping students reach their full potentials through their learning methods. Their teachings are kind of personal development system to improve the lives of people for the better. In July 2018, Global Cyber University obtained an award for their recognition on “Emotional Labour Healing 365 Campaign”.

The organization has been in operation for the past four years emerging from the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, and the University has full accreditation already by the Ministry of Education in Korea.

Is there any acceptance rate for Global Cyber University?

The institution has an acceptance rate which is 96.3%, and it makes it easier for students’ admission requests to be granted. For instance, the academic session of 2010 happens to be the third-highest number of freshets admitted into university compared to other Cyber Universities in Korea.

Different Programs or Courses Offered in Global Cyber University:

It is a professional university for higher education helping to dedicate and groom cultural talent. These are the different programs offered by the institution, and they are:

  • Al Convergence
  • Brain Education Convergence
  • Brain-based Emotion Coaching
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Convergence Contents
  • Convergence Management
  • Dementia Care
  • Entertainment & Media, etc.

Getting Admission into Global Cyber University

Anyone aiming to get admission into the institution needs to process their applications in the Korean language, but the good thing is having some language proficiency in Korea isn’t important for the admission process. Students should speak and understand the language to a certain level because some courses will be taught in Korean language. These are the admission requirements for different levels:

Admission Requirements for the First-Year Student

  • A graduate of high school
  • Successful applicants from high school equivalency test
  • Recognized applicant by law

Admission Requirements for Second-Year Student

  • Applicants from college and have recognized educational background under the law
  • Applicants with a minimum of two semesters at college earning 35 or more credits
  • Applicants with 35 credits and above under the Act of Credit Recognition

Admission Requirements for Third-Year Students

  • Graduate applicants from college with recognition in educational equivalent background
  • Applicants with four semesters in college earning 70 or more credits
  • Applicants with 70 credits and above under the Act of Credit Recognition

General Eligibility for Special Admission

  • Before any student will be accepted for special admission, the applicant’s conditions and special career bed to be following some guidelines.
  • Applicants with the necessary qualifications must also meet the essential conditions for special admission.

General Eligibility for Transfer Students

  • The student’s credit will be received after the associate department has reviewed the result transcripts from the student’s previous college.
  • It only course credits will be accepted because course notes aren’t accepted
  • Students in their second year of study can obtain 35 credits and third-year students coming from another school could get 70 credits
  • Unrecognizable credits are referred to as general elective credits

Applying for Global Cyber University Admission

  • After enrollment into the institution, students need to pay their tuition fees, except they are on scholarship.
  • Registration for the application follow through a defined procedures
  • Students can’t modify courses unless they have selected them.
  • Submission of online application to the website – Go to
  • Filling the application form with vital information
  • Application fee payment of KRW 30,000

Document Requirements for Global Cyber University

These are the following required documents:

  • High school transcript results in Korean language
  • Official transcripts for elementary, middle, and high school
  • High school diploma result in Korean language
  • An attached file of the official agreement for Academic credits and enrollment
  • Passport photographs
  • Downloaded form for the online GCU application form

Document Screening:

The school carries out private screening

Interview (Offline or Online):

Further notification will be given

Decision Notification

Further notification will be given

Tuition Payment (in KRW):

  • The Entrance Fee is KRW 166,000
  • The course Fee is KRW 70,000 per credit
  • The Total course fee for each semester is (18 credits for 6 courses): KRW 1,260,000
  • The Payment Methods: Credit Cards or Wire Transfers
  • The scholarship will be informed based on individual requests right before they fill the application

Begin School:

  • The entrance Ceremony
  • The orientation for each of the department

Is Global Cyber University Expensive? Tuition and Living Cost

Since it is a new school, Global Cyber University is affordable. Any student working on a minimal budget can afford to pay their tuition fee. These are the standard tuition fees of the University:

  • The Entrance Fee is KRW 166,000
  • The Course Fee is KRW 70,000 per credit
  • The Total course fee each semester is 18 credits for 6 courses) and it is equivalent to KRW 1,260,000
  • The Payment Methods is via  Credit Cards or Wire Transfers


Global Cyber University has a conducive environment that offers real training with field lecturers to its students. Students need to meet up with the basic requirements on time to ensure they are worthy of the successful ones to gain admission into the University. Any documents should be translated into Korean language. 

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