2021 Scholarship for Masters Programs in Germany

Most international students who are non-English speakers consider Germany as their primary destination. The country has over 380 universities with more than 17,000 courses. It is the third most famous university destination for international students after the United Kingdom and the United States.       

International students have the opportunity to study in Germany either through partially funded or fully funded scholarships. Every year, both indigenous and international students get scholarships for Master’s programs in Germany. The crucial thing is to be eligible for it before you can be considered.

Why Studying in Germany?

The country has broad experiences to offer international students, and this lies in the choice of location of study. In Germany, there are metropolitan cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Bavaria, etc., with various things grabbing your attention. If you feel you aren’t comfortable with the metropolitan lifestyle, there are other places to unwind a bit.

Furthermore, most students want to study in Germany due to their free tuition. According to German policy, indigenous and international students can benefit from the free tuition fee. In some cases, some universities still charge students to make payments. Also, the country has one of the best systems of teaching and learning.

Many great thinkers, philosophers, and inventors are alumni of the school. German institutions are recognized for updating their methods of teachings to offer the best lectures to their students. As a result of the extensive research conducted here, most students become sought-after graduates in the labor market.  

Are there Living Costs in Germany?

The residences for students come at affordable rates for students to rent. There are laundry areas, coffee shops, and other exciting places for students to hang out. The average accommodation rent is between €210 to €360 each month. Some students who are not financially stable might want to live with their friends.

In metropolitan cities, the cost of paying for accommodation might be very high. For instance, a student living in Berlin might likely pay €430. Another city in Germany is Munich, and the rent might be €665 per month. Another thing to consider is paying for utility bills, food, social activities, etc. It could fall into a budget of €850 every month.

 2021 Scholarship for Masters Programs in Germany

1. Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarships:

It is one of the significant Scholarships for African students aiming for a master’s degree in different fields such as Human Geography, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Political Science, and the deadline of the scholarship is July 15, 2021. The principal aim of the scholarship is to assist African students in funding their master’s programs. The primary host of the scholarship is Heidelberg University.

The financial reward for the scholarship is €900 per month, and it covers over two semesters. On the other hand, if the requirements are available, like availability of funds, academic performance, and financial hardship, it could last for two semesters. African postgraduate students are eligible for the scholarship program, and applicants should send their documents during the scholarship application.

2. Future Leaders Scholarships at GISMA Business School:

The scholarship is for both indigenous and international students undergoing a business master’s program. As long as you are in the field of Business Administration, you can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship deadline is May 31, 2021, and successful candidates will possess 50% of the tuition fee for their selected course, and the school will fund part of it.

It is a must for anyone applying for the scholarship to be a student of the institution. Application of the scholarship takes place online, and there are guidelines students have to follow to avoid errors. Candidates need to fill the complete form after they have enrolled as a student in Gisma Business School.

3. Finduddannelse.Dk Sustainability Scholarships:

Although it is a Danish scholarship, it helps build students undergoing Master’s degrees in different positive ways. The scholarship is worth over €5,009 to cover the tuition fee. Any student from other parts of the world can be part of the scholarship program. It is available for students to undertake a Master’s program at German universities.

If you are thinking of alleviating challenging tasks such as climate change using clean energy, biology, or any other relevant field, you can go for the scholarship. The principal eligibility for the scholarship is for the applicant to have applied to a Master’s program to make the world a better place.

4. Germany DAAD Master Study Scholarships:

It is for international students and permits postgraduate programs in different fields. The deadline for the Germany DAAD Master’s study scholarships is October 1, 2021. Students studying various courses in the school can participate in the scholarship. The financial reward for the scholarship is €861 and helps the student cover expenses like accidents, health, and other personal costs.

Scholarship beneficiaries can get other additional benefits such as a monthly allowance for renting subsidies for their families or a German language course. Applicants need to have documents such as Curriculum Vitae, Certificates, Reference, Language Certificate, etc. Any interested student can apply online for the scholarship by choosing their state of origin and status to match the application requirements.

5. KAAD Scholarship Programme:

The KAAD scholarship is available for students from developing countries, and it permits master’s students offering different courses to take part in the scholarship. These are the various scholarships under the program:

  • Scholarship Program 1: For postgraduate students migrating from their country of residence with many experiences in their fields aiming to obtain a master’s degree.
  • Scholarship Program 2: International students from developing countries enrolled in any German university can be part of the scholarship program 2, and the corresponding Campus Ministry should propose the applicant.
  • Eastern Europe Program: The region partner committees are in charge of this one, especially for students pursuing shorter study or courses. It is through the regional partner committee that students can apply from their respective countries.

Some of these developing countries for the KAAD scholarship program are Latin America, Middle East, Asia, and African students residing in Germany.    


Master’s students making preparations to get scholarships in Germany need to be conscious about the deadlines to get their documents ready. Postgraduate students studying in Germany will find it easier to gain access to these different scholarships as far as they are schooling inside the country.            

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