5 Fully Funded Scholarship with Family Allowance

Fully Funded Scholarship with Family Allowance
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It is not easy to find a scholarship with family allowance because it can be demanding, especially for those who have no idea the path to follow. The scholarship comes with additional benefits for students who want to obtain a high-quality education.

Most international students have found it challenging to get good funds to finance their dream courses. Students need to go after scholarships that got into their demands if they will like to get maximum benefits from it.  

The essence of the article is to list out scholarships with family allowance in various institutions. In some schools, they have scholarships for master’s degrees for those who have the ambition to study in Europe, and the United Kingdom is one of the countries to have scholarships. The good news is that there are different scholarships with family allowance.

Scholarship with Family Allowance

The following are the different scholarships with family allowance, and they are:

    1. Commonwealth PhD. Scholarships:

The scholarship is one of the scholarships with family allowance, and it comes with a monthly stipend between £1,110 to £1,362. It is for those who want to bargain doctoral degree and want a full tuition fee in any of the UK-based universities—living allowance both for those living inside and outside the London metropolitan areas.

Besides, further allowances such as travel grants, generous clothing allowance, family allowance, and others are given. Before one can be eligible for this scholarship, the student must have a master’s degree to pursue a doctorate.

   2. Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship came into existence in the year 2000. Successful recipients have the opportunity to obtain visas and immigration health services that comes with an additional fee. Therefore, there are extra fundings for students such as family allowance, hardship funding, maternity/paternity funding, etc.  

Every year, the funding for this Gates Cambridge Scholarship is different. Two-thirds of the students benefitting from the scholarship are Ph.D. students. The student should have a decent leadership and intellectual ability to stand a better chance of acquiring this scholarship.

  3. Clarendon Fund Scholarships at University of Oxford:

Since the inception of the scholarship, it is estimated that a total number of over 130 students have either enrolled for master’s or doctorate degrees. The beneficiaries of the scholarship are given a living allowance, full tuition fee, etc.

The annual living allowance for full-time students differs from part-time students who are enrolling in a doctorate. The good thing about the scholarship is students from various parts of the world can apply to be part of the Clarendon Fund Scholarships.

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  4. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships:

Anyone outside the United Kingdom with excellent outstanding results will benefit from this scholarship, and there is a maintenance stipend of £15,239 every year. The good thing is the recipient will have the opportunity to enjoy the scholarship for three and a half years.

As the student progresses in his or her course of study, the funding will reduce to a certain extent. According to statistics, the sum of £2 million is given out for annual allocation. The student must apply for a doctoral program at Warwick.

   5  Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

International students who intend to complete their doctorate at the University of Edinburgh can apply for this scholarship. International students are meant to pay been covered by the scholarship. The more they get to perform well, the more they are eligible to gain more awards.

International students who want this award must have been admitted to complete the doctorate program at the University of Edinburgh. The good thing is a student’s financial status, a desirable field of study, nationality, and many others don’t impact this scholarship’s selection process.

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