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Travelling is fun and an activity to look forward to, until that dreadful moment when you react to something, come up with the flu, fever, malaria and the likes while travelling to an unfamiliar place, even worse when you are travelling abroad or more than 50 miles.

At this point, you are frustrated- and sick- and you just want to cancel the trip, go back home and wallow in self-pity but, the thing is, you are already on a plane, bus, train to where are going. Too late!

To prevent this annoying and unfortunate event from happening, we have arranged the proper cautions and measures you should take before travelling. You always have to be prepared.

And if you are already in this dreadful situation, we have some things for you to do as well because we know how miserable you might be feeling if you get sick while travelling away from home.



check your insurance policy coverage and find out if you are covered while travelling to your destination or not, if it covers you, excellent. 

If it does not cover you, look for short term health policies that do cover travelling abroad, that’s more money but we are talking about your health here, it is worth it. Don’t forget your ID and claim card while you are travelling.


While travelling, always makes sure you have your medicine with you. As we said, you always have to be prepared. Pack your painkillers, allergy shots or insulin, go to your doctor or pharmacy and get yourself some prescribed medicine, something for the stomach, for joint ache, headache, anything for pain relief.

You can buy these medications when you get to your destination but the plan is to prepare for your travel so it is better to buy them in your pharmacy at home and have these with you on that trip. Prepare for the more common sickness, surprise that flu, head or joints ache.


Your comfort is the very first thing that should come into your mind when you think about travel. Bring that travel pillow, that blanket you just can’t do without (we all have those) seeing familiar things in an unfamiliar place while you’re sick can make things more manageable.


Most times when you are travelling abroad, the weather or change in climate is something you won’t be used to, so always make sure you are ready for whatever weather you may face.

Research extensively about your destination and its climate, for sunnier places, get your sunblock, skincare with SPF, your protective clothes, hats, face caps etc. drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and unless you absolutely have to, avoid too much exposure to the sun.

For the colder places, get your moisturisers ready, your protective clothes, gloves, boots etc. the point is to always be prepared for a different climate for your destination.


If you use android or iPhone apps like MDLive or LiveHealth, you can get access to medical care online like you would if you walk into an office. This would be of really great help and advantage to the traveller with minor issues while travelling.

image Source: womenfitness.org


Look up your destination and check out the local pharmacies or clinics available within the area you would be staying in so you can be prepared in case your sickness is something that requires immediate medical attention and you feel you would dotter with a face to face consultation rather than an online one.

It always pays to be prepared for anything.

Those are the things you have to know about and be ready for before you travel, now let us talk about a situation where you don’t know these things and you fall sick while travelling.


  1. Always stay hydrated, no matter how you feel. Don’t drink alcohol as this will slow down your immune system and you would find it harder to get better on time. Also stay out of the sun, if you feel any slight discomfort, don’t push it off, make sure you are hydrated and away from the sun which tends to worsen sickness and pushes it out even more.
  2. Next is sleep, yes, sleep. This is really important as rest is one of the essentials in order to heal your body. While you’re at it, order or buy some movies that you’re going to watch. This will take your mind away from your sickness and allow you time to rest and recuperate.
  3. Water. No, not drinking water this time but, showers. Take advantage of that warm shower In your hotel room. Take a warm shower, drink hot tea and clear that sore throat, take painkillers and go to sleep. Your body will be grateful to you later.

If you have tried all these at-home remedies and nothing is getting better, calm down, don’t panic. Instead, take a look at some of the steps above and put them to use.

  1. Search your area for medical services or if you are staying in a hotel, even better. Ask for the medical services around you and go get yourself treated at the local pharmacy or clinic.
  2. Hotel doctors. Like we said, if you stay in a hotel then you are good to go because most hotels have doctors that can see to you if it is a minor issue, prescribe and get you pills to use.
  3. And if it happens to be something serious, raise an alarm and get yourself to the ER or the urgent care room. Don’t procrastinate.

Naturally, Emergency Rooms tend to take a while because they would most likely care for someone with a more serious illness first so if you can’t wait, it is way better to find local clinics in the area.

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