Hiking to Sunset Rock Through Historical Mountain

Hiking to Sunset Rock Through Historical Mountain

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If you are privileged to have a tour around Sunset Rock using the historical mountain, the Chattanooga National Military Park has over 30 different miles of hiking trails. Sunset Rock happens to be one of the renowned hiking destinations. It has one-hour parking fixed at a $7 entrance fee for tourists. The historical Cravens house is situated halfway of the northern slope or the historical mountain

However, a 4.5 miles distance begins here with a moderate home to pass through the Cravens House Trail for over 300 feet elevation and 0.5 miles to a junction following the bluff trail. Another hiking trail is the Bluff trail which has an awesome rock on each side, aerial view of Lookout Valley with mountainside forest. The temperature runs down the base of the bluff trail for 3.7 miles starting to form Point Park and then it moves further for another0.6 miles to Covenant College. 

Trail Through Sunset Rock Historical Mountain

The hike is covering the historical ground, and it was the battlefield for Lookout Mountain that happened in 1863. After the Confederacy emerged victoriously, the Union forces forced the Confederate Army which is known as the Battle Above the Clouds. There is another route to hike down to Sunset Rock, but it is more strenuous compared to the other one.

The Kiddie Trail is a simple route named after Colonel Kiddie. The name was not given to the trail simply because is an easy route, but you have to be conscious to avoid taking the first trail on the left-hand side. You can follow through the Gym Spring to the Upper Truck Trail. Also, you can decide to jog to the right, and to the left to cover 0.7 miles of Sunset Rock.

If you could go left for about 0.35 miles, you will be at the base of the bluffs, where you will see a metal stairway to climb to Point Park. There is a hotel on Sunset Rock that has been in existence from 1888 to 1910. From here, you can get a clear view of Downtown and Moccasin during the Winter Season. From the East side of the mountain, the trail continues but during the Summer Season, it becomes less traveled because there will be grasses everywhere.

You can retrace your route and even continue South to the Bluff trail 1.1 miles from Point Park to Sunset Rock. When coming down from the Sunset Rock, you can turn left following the Bluff Trail, then move to the right of the Gum Springs Trail. You can decide to turn right on the passing through the Upper Truck Trail to a gravel jeep road regarded as the old railroad bed


Hiking to Sunset Rock Through Historical Mountain requires you to pay rapt attention to every instruction on every path to avoid getting lost. If possible you can use a map or travel with someone familiar with Lookout Mountain Tennessee, and have a good time.

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