Becoming A Psychologist In Australia

How to Becoming A Registered Psychologist In Australia

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Psychology is one of the more standard undergraduate degrees in Australia and the job possibility for graduates are encouraging. If you are enthralled and captivated by human behavior, a career in psychology is the right choice for you. While working to become a psychologist takes serious commitment and devotion and it is highly rewarding for your future.

Psychologists have a major role in society by assisting people to play a significant role in society by helping people work on their challenges and adjust their everyday lives. They use scientific methods to study human behavior mixed with how people feel and think, they assist and grant treatment to people battling mental health disorders or grief.

 Psychologists also offer support, guidance, and advice on a series of issues, including substance abuse, personality disorder, relationship problems, and other challenging behaviors. Psychologists find work in places such as hospitals, schools, prisons, community health services, courts, and private practices.

Psychologists perform the following tasks;

  • Offer counseling and conduct therapeutic interviews.
  • Offer services to individuals and groups for evaluation and support purposes.
  • Give psychological tests and review the results to find out the cause of problems and determine treatment for the patients.
  • Appraise the results of programs aimed at enhancing personal effectiveness.
  • Create tests to measure performance, as well as predict and access mental and emotional states.
  • Assemble client data and assess their behavioral, cognitive, and emotional disorders.
  • Assemble student data, analyze their characteristics, and recommend educational programs.
  • Handling research studies on group performance, motivation in learning, and individual differences in educational performance and mental abilities.
  • Create job requirements and perform job analyses by observing and interviewing managers and employees.
  • Check with other professionals and discuss details on cases and treatment plans.
 Becoming A Psychologist In Australia

You can achieve your career in just three steps;

Step 1: Complete a licensed Three-year Undergraduate Psychology university;

To attain the preliminary three-year undergraduate degree, you need to complete an accredited bachelor’s degree in psychology. This degree must be standard and recognized by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Step 2: Complete an Accredited Fourth Year degree;

To achieve this, you need to complete the three-year undergraduate degree accredited by APAC. If you want to follow psychology training after completing the fourth year of study, then procuring work experience as a research assistant can help you increase your awareness and expertise, and build up your application.

Step 3: An Internship Program to Obtain General Registration

 The internship is a program that psychologists partake in when they fulfill their degree, they go on the program to strengthen the skills needed to make them a force in the department of psychology.


With a bit of luck, this guide on how to become a psychologist in Australia has facilitated a better understanding of the steps you must to become registered and practice in the psychology field.

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