Kekova Island Demre (Kale)

12 Top-rated Islands In Turkey

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Do you wish to travel to turkey, or probably you are in turkey already to complete your holidays, and you are unsure where and how to spend your stay before you exit the country?

In this article, you’ll learn about various top-notch and highly top-rated islands to visit in Turkey on your subsequent period of leave.

Before that, it also reminds me of my friend’s encounter when he visited Turkey during summer some years back.

He had a hilarious and yet fun experience on his trip to Turkey that year.

Few out of the gist was that he never knew some people understood English because their official language is Turkish. Therefore he was roaming around dumb as if he couldn’t speak; he was afraid people might laugh at him. Haha!

He was shy, so then, he met a lady who came from a European country as well, and she understood English, so they had fun together, and guess what? She was the one that revealed to my friend all the islands I’m about to reveal to you in this blog post. I could keep telling you about the incident, but I’ll reserve that for some other time. 🙂

Let’s get straight to the point!

Below is the list of the best islands I got from my friend who had been there!

1. Bozcaada Island in Turkey

Bozcaada Islands in Turkey
image source:

The Bozcaada is usually called an open gateway to heaven. It’s located in the Aegean Sea. Ideally for Turkish city-siders who love high-class or stylish beach vacations.

2. Gökçeada Island in Turkey

gokceada islands in Turkey

Are you the relaxed and easy-going type who loves rural island life? I highly recommend Gökçeada.

3. Cunda

cunda-island in turkey
image source: turkey-travel-guide

Alibey Island is another name for Cunda, it is located offshore from the North Aegean Coast town of Ayvalik. It’s connected to the mainland by a causeway.

4. Heybeliada (Princes’ Islands)

Heybeliada island (Princes' Islands)
image source: tripadvisor

Do you reside in Istanbul, and you want a quick breather from big city life? Join the locals in doing what they do, hopping on a ferry to the Princes’ Islands.

5. Kizkalesi Island

Kizkalesi Island
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Kizkalesi is a beach town best known among local tourists.

6. Gemiler Island

image source:

Also known as St. Nicholas Island, it is a famous stop on boat day-trip excursions from the beach resort of Ölüdeniz,

7. Büyükada (Princes’ Islands)

image source:

One of the largest islands in the Princes’ Islands group; also the most prominent island escape from Istanbul.

8. Akdamar Island

image source:

Like I said earlier, my friend didn’t even think of visiting this place in particular, but the lady pushed him to. This island has one of the most popular sights, however.

9. Pigeon Island

image source:

Pigeon Island was established to guard the port during the Byzantine era; a great place to see!

10. Kekova Island

Kekova Island Demre (Kale)
image source:

People go to this island for the island itself and for what lies in the water along its shore.

11. Kizkulesi

image source:

Here is another recognisable landmark on Instanbul, also known as the Maiden’s Tower

12. The Greek Island of Kastellorizo (Meis)

image source:

Although this island is usually addressed with a Greek name, the site visitors are always day-trippers because of its position just from offshore from the resort town of Kas.


From now on, if you are visiting Turkey, do not be shy or scared of the cultural differences; you must have already learnt from my story, and pick that as a guide any time, any day.

Arguably, Turkey is a country that houses so many classical ancient islands every touring fanatic would want to visit — take pictures of it, perhaps, video it, call friends on a video call to witness their presence therein and so on.

Not only is most of Turkey’s cities popular because of the prestigious islands it consists of, but also due to other recreational activities the country has, and attract tourists to them from all over the world.

Now, you’ve got ideas, clues on how to catch fun when visiting Turkey, or how to spend your time recreationally if you are already there.

Have fun and enjoy your visit! Don’t forget to make new friends, too.

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Thank you.

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