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International Scholarships for Engineering Students

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Engineers are making the world habitable because of their various constructions such as rail lines, roads, airplanes, bridges, etc. As a result, they are essential for the growth of any society or country. Therefore, many organizations offer international scholarships for Engineering students in various fields.  

In the past, different scholarships like STEM scholarships for technology, mathematics, and technology students have gained a massive reputation. Each year the number of Engineering students increases, leading to more applicants applying for it International scholarships for Engineering students.

Many undergraduate Engineering students dream of getting an Engineering degree from a reputable university. A student with a decent Engineering degree provides an attractive salary and high chances to get employed in one of the best companies in the world. Engineering has different fields for students to study, such as mechanical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

What do you Understand by Engineering Scholarship?

Engineering scholarship happens to be financial assistance given to Engineering students. It could come in diverse ways like money, tuition waiver, free textbooks, free accommodation, etc. Unfortunately, many students make the mistake that only universities offer Engineering scholarships because private companies and colleges offer them to students at any level of education. Here is the importance of engineering scholarship:

  • Reduce the Cost of Tuition Fee:

For instance, you might be offering a course that comes with a high tuition fee. The scholarship helps reduce the tuition fee and, in some situations, makes it accessible for any engineering scholarship provides a complete tuition waiver. It means there is no need to pay a tuition fee for studying at the university. As a result, you can save a lot of money to sort out other expenses such as accommodation, transportation, feeding, buying textbooks, etc.

  • Boosting of Career Prospects:

It is another crucial reason to obtain engineering scholarships. Many government and private establishments are concerned about students graduating and having no financial debt. It implies you have a high chance of securing jobs with these companies because it is assumed you have no student loans at your university.

  • Shows Academic Intellect:

A student who is sound academically can attract engineering scholarships. Getting engineering scholarships shows you are intelligent. Also, it is a way of getting high chances over other applicants when it involves acquiring admission into any engineering school.

Essential Tips Applying for Engineering Scholarships

Here are some essential tips to follow during the application for engineering scholarships:

  • List out Numerous Achievements:

It is better to list out your achievements because it makes you exceptional amongst thousands of engineering students applying for this scholarship. If you are confused, you can take your time to think about notable accomplishments or leadership positions. Also, you can add areas of interest, relevant skills, and strengths to show you are qualified.

  • Cross-check the Requirements for the Scholarship:

Every scholarship has its requirements for you to fulfill. If you don’t meet them in the chosen engineering field, you won’t stand a chance of getting the scholarship. For this reason, it is best to ensure you have the criteria before you apply for it.

  • Prepare your Scholarship Essay Ahead:

The scholarship essay is an essential part of applying for any engineering scholarship. It is preferable to start itemizing it early to correct any errors. The essence of the scholarship essay is to list work experiences, achievements, and purpose to study at the selected university. consider reading How to Write scholarship essay to win big

  • Improve your Academic Performance:

Good academic performance is necessary if you want to have engineering scholarships. Students with high CGPA scores are positioning themselves to be successful applicants. However, if your grades are not high, that means you have to stand out in other things like skills or strength.

  • Build your Self Confidence:

You can be nervous when applying for fo engineering scholarships. It is why you need the confidence to ease the process of application. If you find it hard to believe in yourself, others will find it challenging to believe in you.

Engineering Scholarships for International Students

There are engineering scholarships for international students having the intention of studying overseas. These are the best engineering scholarships you can find:

1. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships:

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

It is a UK-based engineering scholarship for engineering students studying at UK universities. For over 30 years, the Arkwright engineering scholarships have been funding the tuition fee of eligible students, either partial or total funding.

2. Bernard M. Gordon Prize:

Bernard M. Gordon Prize Engineering Scholarship

The National Academy of Engineering is responsible for the Bernard M. Gordon Prize. If you have been studying engineering courses for more than five years, you are eligible for it. Scholarship beneficiaries get $15,000 to find their tuition fee and other miscellaneous costs every year. Therefore, it is crucial to be shortlisted among the top 5% in your engineering class.

3. David and Lucile Packard Foundation Scholarship:

David and Lucile Packard Foundation Scholarship Engineering Scholarship

David and Lucile Packard Foundation offer engineering for undergraduate students studying science, engineering, or technology. Each year, the scholarship provides $5,000 to selected students. Eligible students must have a high CGPA to be reelected for the scholarship in the upcoming years.

4. ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships:

ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships Engineering Scholarship

ExxonMobil is the main sponsor of the engineering scholarship. The company encourages African-American students to be passionate about science, engineering, and maths in their various colleges. As a result, it is possible for over 300 students can get $10,000 annually. The engineering scholarship is for college freshers and high school seniors studying math, engineering, or science.

5. Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

It is one of the recognized engineering scholarships hosted by the University of Cambridge. If you want to study at Cambridge University, you can apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships. They give $5,000 to each of the successful candidates every year. You need good academic performance to be eligible for the scholarship and have immense potentials to impact your community.


If you are studying in the United States of America, you will pay a high tuition fee. However, you can only spend a lesser or no tuition fee by acquiring engineering scholarships to reduce the burden of searching for funds to sort out your educational needs.

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