How to Write a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation (2021 Edition)

How to Write a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation (2021 Edition)

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How to Write a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation (2021 Edition) 

Most times, students who are writing a scholarship letter of recommendation become nervous about finding the ideal method of writing it. In some cases, the letter of recommendation can be called a letter of reference. The essence of writing the letter is to showcase student’s abilities and strengths on a sheet of paper.

In most scenarios, the letter of recommendation is written by someone higher than us in class, experience, skills, etc. Also, the letter makes an individual eligible to have admission into any postgraduate program. One must be outstanding with his or her recommendation letters because thousands of persons are writing theirs.

People in charge of scholarship selection use the recommendation letter to have some level of perception of students. At the end of it, it is only a few students will be selected for the scholarship. In most institutions, they need recommendation letters and admission letters, but we will see different recommendation letters.                                 

Types of Recommendation Letter

The following are the types of recommendation letter, and they are:

  • Professional Recommendation
  • Personal Recommendation
  • Academic Recommendation
  1. Professional Recommendation:

It is a type of recommendation letter written by either client, teacher, supervisor, professor, etc. Any professional who will be writing this recommendation letter should be acquainted with your accomplishment, especially in a work-type setting. There are various things included in this letter, such as duration of time in the company, description of job positions, contributions to the company, etc.

  1. Personal Recommendation:

This one relates to character, and a friend, mentor, neighbor, family, etc., could help write this one. The primary purpose of these people writing is to testify your personality and show the scholarship committee you are a good fit for the position.  

  1. Academic Recommendation:

An academic recommendation is written by either an academic advisor, teaching, or professor. The primary aim is to show the academic achievements and educational background of the applicant.

Reasons for Recommendation Letter for Scholarship Application

Here are the benefits of writing a recommendation letter:

  • It makes the scholarship selection committee have an in-depth understanding of the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Showing certain qualities or traits possessed by the student.
  • It serves as an endorsement for any student.
  • For displaying the scholarship committee your working history.

How to Write a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

There are specific guidelines one has to follow in writing this letter, and these guidelines are formats.

  1. Salutation:

The salutation can begin with “Dear Mr/Ms. last name”. The last name of the person is preferable to use. Whereby you have no idea of the last name, it is better to write, “Dear Hiring Manager.” For an academic program, you can write “Dear Admissions Committee.” For a general letter, it could be “Whom it May Concern.”

  1. First Paragraph:

The first paragraph should show the bond you have with the applicant recommending for a scholarship position, how you met them, the number of years you have known them, and why you feel you are in the proper place to write a recommendation letter for them.

The name of the job, school, company for the person you are writing the recommendation letter should be inside the letter. For example, “I have known Micheal James Human Resource Manager at ABC Company for more than four years. I recommend him to be a good fit for your scholarship selection.”

  1. Second, Third, and Fourth Paragraph:

These are the middle parts of a recommendation letter containing critical information about the person. It includes numerous reasons for their qualification for the scholarship and things they can contribute. You have to be specific and give more reasons to show the scholarship selection committee why he or she is a qualified applicant.

  1. Letter Closing:

If you like, you can provide more information and contact details (phone and email). With your contact, the scholarship committee can get in touch with you if there are any questions.

  1. Signature:

The letter must have a signature alongside your typed name.

Recommendation Letter Style

In recommendation letter style, we are referring to the letter format, length, and font.

  1. Format:

The letter should be single-spaced and also a space after each paragraph. The margins at the top, bottom, right, and left should have 1″, and all the text should appear on the left-hand side.

  1. Length:

The least paragraph a recommendation letter should have is two paragraphs. Any other with one or two paragraphs indicates you don’t have more information about the applicant. If you want to keep the letter brief and well detailed, three or four paragraphs happen to be the best.

  1. Font:

The conventional font for typing a recommendation letter is either Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman. The best font is between 10 and 12 to make it easier to read. How to Get All the Info You Need to Write a Strong Scholarship Recommendation Letter  

Writing a solid recommendation letter for some of your students might come easy. Maybe you’ve known these students for several years, coached them outside of class for extracurriculars, or been their teacher for more than one subject.

Sample of Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Here is an example:

To whom it may concern:

I’m excited to recommend Micheal J. to be part of your scholarship. I have been his Boss for over five years, and he is someone who is a goal-getter and can fit into your scholarship scheme. Under my leadership, he was always punctual to work and get his tasks done on time. I can boldly say he is one of the best hardworking staff in the office.

Micheal was always offering solutions when we have encountered problems in the office relating to tech issues. Our server was down at a time, and there was no internet connection to run office operations. Micheal brought out an innovative idea to get the problem solved. Also, Micheal has a way of making other staff becoming better in my organization.

Micheal is a selfless person who is willing to contribute his time and skills to make my company grow geometrically. I can beat my chest that he can be a good fit for your scholarship, and it will be hard to see someone who will be as outstanding as him. For these reasons, I do not doubt his character.

You can contact me on (phone number) or (mail address) for further inquiries. I’d be more excited to give other essential information about Micheal.    


Adam Adrian                

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