How To Win A Navy, Air Force, or Army ROTC Scholarship

How To Win A Navy, Air Force, or Army ROTC Scholarship

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Many employees are seeking opportunities to win either the Navy, Air Force, or Army ROTC scholarship. The truth is there are lots of benefits attached to having this ROTC scholarship because as an employee you are privilege to meet others to share more ideas. The only way one has to gain this admission is by applying for the Navy, Air Force, or Army ROTC scholarship.  

The rate at which applicants are applying for these scholarships is increasing every year, and as such one has to submit a top-notch application to increase their chances of being elected. In this article, there are lots of things we will see relating to the Navy, Air Force, or Army ROTC scholarship. It is necessary to have the right understanding of the meaning of ROTC.

What is the meaning of ROTC?

ROTC is an abbreviation representing Reserves Officers’ Training Corps. The training program enables students who have the intention of serving in any arm of the US military after their college degree. For any branch of the US military, there are programs associated with those who want to join either the Navy, Air Force, or Army.

These programs teach graduates to learn the preliminary of becoming either a cadet officer in any branch of the US Military. For instance, the Army ROTC involves lots of activities like leadership development, soldering drills, physical fitness training, etc. These numerous activities help one to have detailed knowledge of the US military.

What is ROTC Scholarship?

There are thousands of scholarships offered by the Army, Navy, and Air Force for high school students, current college students, and graduates. The benefits obtained from Army ROTC will be different from either Air Force or Navy ROTC program, and it is vice versa. Let’s get to see various scholarships one after the other:

1. Army ROTC Scholarships: The Army ROTC scholarship covers books, fees, full tuition, and monthly wages. There are numerous scholarships under the Army ROTC scholarship:

  • 4-Year College Scholarship: The scholarship is mainly for those still in high school and will be graduating very soon to study a four-year college program.
  • 3-Year College Scholarship: The scholarship is for college students having three more years of finishing their course to obtain their college degree.
  • 2-Year College Scholarship: The scholarship is for college students with extra years to finish their college degrees.

2. Navy ROTC Scholarships: The Navy ROTC scholarship have the same opportunities as the Army ROTC scholarship with different scholarships under it:

  • 4-Year Navy Scholarship: High school students having a few years left for graduation to enroll in a four-year college degree, and want to be part of the US Navy can be part of the scholarship.
  • 4-Year Marine Corps Option Scholarship: Students in high school can apply for the scholarship if they have an interest in enrolling for a four-year college degree to join the Marines.
  • 4-Year Navy-Nurse Option Scholarship: Any student applying for the scholarship must be in high school to go after a degree in Nursing and want to join the Navy.

3. Air Force ROTC Scholarships: The scholarship comes with numerous benefits depending on the type of scholarship the student wants to apply for. Besides, there are scholarships for enlisted cadets, college students, and high school students. Let’s see these scholarships one after the other:

I. Air Force ROTC Scholarships for High School Students:

Here is the scholarship for high school students about to graduate to pursue a four-year college course:

  • Type 1 Scholarship: Any student who is a beneficiary of the scholarship will obtain an award that will cover their total tuition fee either they are attending a public or private university having an Air Force ROTC detachment. There are monthly wages between $300 to $500, and also annual wages of $900 to purchase textbooks.
  • Type 2 Scholarship: Anyone who becomes lucky for the scholarship will obtain a monetary award of up to $18,000 every year in any institution either public or private university alongside an Air Force ROTC detachment.
  • Type 7 Scholarship: The scholarship covers the total tuition fee for any of the institutions the student is going to attend with an Air Force ROTC detachment. A monthly wage starts from $300 to $500 for living expenses.


II. Air Force ROTC Scholarships for Current College Students:

The scholarship is for students who are in college at the moment, and we have:

  • Type 1 Scholarship: Cadets with an interest in pursuing a technical degree such as Mechanical or Chemistry Engineering can be part of it. The scholarship comes with benefits such as a full tuition fee, monthly stipend, and annual stipend of $900.
  • Type 2 Scholarship: The eligibility for the scholarship are those who Newly intake into an Air Force ROTC scholarship program.
  • Nursing Scholarship: Undergraduate students can apply for this scholarship if they want to obtain a National League for Nursing Accreditation. The entitlements in this award are still the same for Type 1 and Type 2 scholarships.
  • Air Force ROTC Scholarships for Enlisted Cadets: If you are enlisted in any Air Force Personnel that wants to enroll in an institution for a full-time program can pick up the scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements for ROTC Scholarship

There are requirements for those having the intention of applying for an ROTC scholarship. Every ROTC scholarship has its criteria either for Navy, Air Force, or Army. Let’s get to see the numerous things that are necessary for one to have one after the other in each of the ROTC scholarships:

Eligibility Requirements for Army ROTC Scholarship

For a high school student to apply for this Army ROTC scholarship, they must up with the necessary criteria:

  • A citizen of the US between the ages of 17 and 26
  • A CGPA of at least 2.5
  • A school diploma
  • Have a score of 19 on the ACT or 1000 on the SAT
  • Good physical condition

Essential Things for Army ROTC Service Commitment

Here are the following:

  • A mandatory eight-year service commitment with the US Army.
  • Must have served in the US Army for over four years
  • The selected Cadets must agree to serve part-time in the Army National Guard Army Reserve.

Eligibility Requirements for Navy ROTC Scholarship

For anyone to apply for this scholarship, he or she must:

  • Be either a US citizen or a naturalized citizen living in the US.
  • Be within the age bracket between 17 to 23 years old.
  • A graduate from high school or other certificates by August 1
  • Good test score

Essential Things for Navy ROTC Service Commitment:

Here are the following:

  • A Navy ROTC program graduate who is ready to serve for at least five years of active military service.
  • Marine Corp graduates who are ready to serve at least for four years
  • A Navy Nurse Corps ready to serve for a minimum of four years.

Eligibility Requirements for Air Force ROTC Scholarship

These are the necessary conditions for Air Force ROTC scholarship:

  • A US citizen or acquiring US citizenship on their first year of study as a fresher.
  • Done with the physical fitness assessment before the first-semester end.
  • Obtain a SAT score of 1249 or ACT score of 26 especially for high school applicants
  • A CGPA score of 3.0 or higher for students in high school

Essential Things for Air Force ROTC Service Commitment

These are the important things:

  • Complete a summer field training course that takes a minimum of 13-day
  • Complete an Air Force ROTC military course as a freshman
  • Accept a commission to serve at least four years as an Air Force officer.

How to Apply for any ROTC Scholarship

These are the general things one has to do for each of the application, and they are:

1. Army ROTC Scholarship includes:

  • An online complete application
  • High school transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Fitness test result from the ROTC

2. Navy ROTC Scholarship includes:

  • An online complete application
  • A work or volunteer history
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Different accomplishments and extracurricular activities
  • Three mandatory referees

3. Air Force ROTC Scholarship includes:

  • An online application
  • High school transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores

Application Timeline for ROTC Scholarship

There are application deadlines for each of the ROTC scholarships. For the Army ROTC scholarship, the application opens on June 2021 and closes in February 2022. There is no fixed date for the application of ROTC scholarship For Navy ROTC scholarship begins April 1, 2021, and closes January 31, 2022. The one for Air Force ROTC scholarship application begins July 1, 2021, and stops December 31, 2021.

Basic Tips of Increasing Chances of Acquiring ROTC Scholarship

There are three tips for any applicant to increase their opportunities in obtaining an ROTC scholarship, and they are:

1. Develop Interest in Time

Anyone should have an early interest because it will direct them on the right path to follow ahead of their contemporaries. Applicants should get in touch with the ROTC advisor, recruitment officer, or junior ROTC to get more detailed information.

2. Apply for the US Military Major:

There are benefits if one can choose a major in any field. The best is to focus on a subject that will boost your career in the US military. For instance, some pre-med, foreign languages, and other medical-related courses are highly desired majors.

3. Be on the Merit List:

Acceptance for the scholarship is on merit, therefore as a student or applicant, you should try as much to be exceptional with your grades either in college or high school. Those with these high academic performances find it easier to gain access to the scholarship.

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