How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance for Multiple Dogs

How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance for Multiple Dogs

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Having pet insurance is something that should be considered by every pet owner.  It is not really a fancy thought for most pet owners but the truth is that pets are likely to get hurt or sick and as treatment costs from a vet are on a continuous rise, pet insurance helps you save up from those extra costs, in the long run, should your pet get sick or injured. It is even extra efficient to go for this policy if you are a multiple pet owner.

What is pet health insurance?

Pet health insurance is basically a policy that comes with a monthly premium (payment). This means that if your pet is sick or injured, you make payments for their treatment upfront and then submit a claim of the incident to the insurance agency with which you have your insurance policy for reimbursement. The type of policy you choose for your pet might determine if you are required to pay a deductible or percentage of the bill.

While undeniable that monthly premiums can add up to a few hundred dollars annually, the benefit of pet insurance is that cost of treatment or care will be less of a factor when deciding whether to go through with a major procedure for your pet in the long run.

It is important to note that that having pet insurance does not cover up all your pet’s conditions as there are also exclusions to what this policy offers. From standard pet insurance, your pet the treatment coverage for most accidents and illnesses.

This does include your pets behavioral issues, dental disease, grooming, routine checkups, preventive care, preexisting or hereditary conditions (ailments your pet had before you purchased the insurance coverage), or hip dysplasia ( abnormal cells)

If your pet is already ill before the insurance plan and cannot be cured, it is most likely that pet insurance may not cover much.

How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance for Your Multiple Dogs (Pets)

Naturally, not every pet will have the privilege of the same monthly premiums for their insurance, and the insurance policy for your dogs is calculated based on their species, age, size, and breed. Where you live is also a determining factor in what you pay each month.

Below are important things to look out for when aiming for cheaper insurance payments for your dogs.

  1. One method that helps you with cheaper rates is enrolling them if possible while your dogs are yet young (puppies), as your monthly premiums for are guaranteed to be lower.
  2. Finding about pet insurance providers that will give discount if you agree to give you discount on your bill if you agree to make annual payments rather than monthly payments.
  3.  There are pet insurance providers will also give you a discount on your payment for insuring your multiple pets under the same provider so it would not be a bad idea to find out about them.

Another way to keep your payments at the low end is to offer to go for the deductible in your insurance but bear in mind that you will have to reach that deductible by making payments out of your pockets before your insurance plan begins to reimburse your veterinary costs.

Similarly, the cost can be made lower by choosing a lower reimbursement rate or a lower coverage limit in the plan, but this limits the amount you receive from your insurer if your dog(s) fall seriously ill or get injured

Most insurance providers offer some type of incentive/discounts for insuring multiple pets with them and below is a list of recommended insurance policy plans to go for.

  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: this insurance plan promises a 10% discount for each additional dog that you insure under the insurance policy of the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance brand.
  • Hartville Pet Insurance promises a 10% discount for each additional insured under the insurance policy of the Hartville Pet Insurance brand.
  • PetFirst Pet Insurance offers an initial 5% discount on your second pet insurance policy and a 10% discount on each extra pet insurance policy after that.
  • Petplan offers a 10% discount for each additional pet you insure under the Petplan brand.
  • Pets Best insurance offers an initial 5% discount for each additional pet you insure under the Pets Best brand.
How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance for Multiple Dogs

The monthly premiums plans that a pet insurance policy comes with can be as little as $10, but you may not be getting very much coverage at that price

Also important to point out that if you are looking for coverage for your multiple pet dogs that are older, the cost to insure them will be hard to keep on the cheap side and they are also the most likely to need veterinary care. Hence this stresses the importance of taking advantage of the multiple pet discount insurance policy plans so as to cut down on cost.

What to Look for in an Insurance Policy

Listed below are the key things to look out for when trying to choosing a plan for your multiple dogs at a cheaper rate

  • Cost of your monthly premium
  • Cost of your annual deductible
  • Reimbursements percentage
  • Your annual coverage limit
  • Level of coverage you’ll receive
  • Wellness coverage (which will cover routine care)


It is not unlikely for a pet owner or lover to have more than one type of pet (particularly for dogs) and filling your home or environment with the animal you love is certainly a joy giver but in as much as the saying of the more the merrier is true of pets, it is wise to consider a pet insurance policy for your dogs.

Without this form of insurance, the bills for care and treatment of your dogs would eventually fall on an extra costly side. Hence, pet insurance options are considered, study carefully the fine print to look out for the policy plan for a decent and cost-effective plan for lovely dogs.

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