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Physiotherapy is a profession in the medical field that focuses on patients who have difficulties with their physical independence and flexibility. The work of physiotherapists is to lessen the pain linked with these difficulties and if you enjoy working with people and are intrigued by the way the body moves and restores itself, then physiotherapy might just be for you.

Physiotherapist as a course is very vast, Depending on where you want to specialize, you can focus on areas such as sports, pediatrics, education and health promotion, recovery after major surgery or orthopedics, and trauma

They also attempt to increase the overall well-being and fitness of the patient, Due to many people who are in pain and in urgent need of physiotherapy, this profession has become much sought-after in the world. This is a similar case with Canada, Physiotherapy is a clear-cut profession in Canada, meaning that it’s controlled by the government through certifying laws.

A potential physiotherapists should have the following skills and personality traits:

  • Initiative, patience, sensitivity and tact
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capable of working in a team
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  •  The ability to be encouraging patients while being empathetic and firm
  •  Proficiency in establishing good relationship with patients and their families
  • An authentic curiosity in the health and wellbeing of patients
  • Interest in anatomy and physiology
  • The knack to work under pressure and manage time effectively

 To become a physiotherapist, you must first gain official training. The educational prerequisites for prospective physiotherapists in Canada include:

  1. A master’s degree in physiotherapy from an approved college in Canada.

The first step in becoming a pharmacist in Canada is to acquire a master’s degree from one of their qualified and endorsed universities, each university has its own exceptional requirements for potential physiotherapy students. A master’s degree in physiotherapy is considered a degree for the profession.

2. An undergraduate degree complete with pre-requisites.

In order to get your master’s degree, you must have completed the entry-level entrance of the course, it is considered basic because you have to get this in college before pursuing your master’s degree in physiotherapy.

3. Concluding the physiotherapy national exam to determine the capability of all graduating physiotherapists.

The third step is to complete a national board exam, the physiotherapy examining board in Canada approach the national exam, passing this exam is another step to take as a student who wants to major in physiotherapy and only the individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree are permitted to take this exam


Achieving your dreams and becoming one of the most sought after professionals in Canada is a great step to take in life, to become a physiotherapist means you get to work in a general, specialist, teaching or private hospitals, research centers, physical fitness centers, sports or football clubs, and sports medicine centers. You can choose to work in schools, helping students who have the passion to study physiotherapy to pay attention to their career aspirations and goals before embarking on their medical training.

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