Docking Boat for Overnight Stay on the Mackinac Island

Docking Boat for Overnight Stay on the Mackinac Island

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Most tourists coming to Mackinac Island do arrive by boat because there is no way a vehicle can enter the Island. On the other hand, some people board a commercial ferry from Mackinaw City or St. Ignace. Therefore, if you will be carrying a boat, it is necessary to know how to dock a boat. Some of the ships or boats on Mackinac Island are for seasonal purposes.

Furthermore, there is a marina close to the island to accommodate approximately 74 feet in length with different amenities such as restrooms, grills, WiFi, showers, etc. As a result of the s, tourists entering the Island can find a comfortable place to have a good time. The public marina on the Island is always open from mid-day through mid-October, and tourists can book their harbor reservation on time via the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

History of Docking Boat on Mackinac Island

During the revolutionary war, the British Commander of Fort Michilimackinac had the intention of moving their military camp from the mainland to the upper part of Mackinac Island. Therefore, he had to seek the permission from Quebec Governor, and from a British colonized province which is the new Michigan.

The British Commander decided to rename the place Mackinac Island harbor using the name of the governor Frederick Haldimand. As a result of this, the Island has both Native American and French origins, while the bay is named to pay tribute to the Swiss Born British Military friend and was an adversary to the American revolution.

How to Dock a Boat

In Mackinac Island, there are different private boat slips available for both day and overnight dockage. The first step is to contact the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau to offer more information concerning private slips. The good thing about the Island harbor is they both have commercial traffic and ferry boat. Also, the private slips, public boat slips, and commercial ferry docks are found inside Mackinac Island’s Haldimand

Furthermore, it shares proximity with cities like Mackinaw City, Petoskey, and Cheboygan. Two different commercial ferry companies share the Mackinac Island – Shelper’s Mackinac Island Ferry, and Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet Ferry. These two companies have docks located in and St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.

At the northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, we have the Mackinaw City, then, at the Southern end of the Mackinac Bridge, there is St. Ignace. For you to dock your boat overnight on the Island, you have to contact the docking sector on time. Therefore, there are two options to get to Mackinac Island which is entering the boat on either the mainland or departure point.

If you are too inquisitive about how to dock a boat, it is advisable to check for other information with the ferry companies for ticketing information and ferry fees for private boat slips and reservations. It doesn’t matter whether you will be going to the Island with your private boat or commercial ferry, the major thing is to arrive at the harbor. Haldimand Bay has some fascinating illustrations that will capture your attention.


Docking a boat on Mackinac Island requires you to contact them and place a reservation on time. It is one of the best ways to rock your boat and keep it safe from pirates. When you have done this, you don’t have to be scared taking your bait to Mackinac Island.  

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