The People of Mackinac Island: DJ Brevin

The People of Mackinac Island: DJ Brevin

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DJs Island contributes to the fun in Mackinac Island. Also, there are different tasty meals available on the Island. Having a wedding on this Island is very special because of the high level of entertainment and classic songs played for every guest to enjoy. At night time, the party turns out into a club vibe like a wedding reception that comes after the main wedding itself.

The Mackinac Island can create a perfect memory for you and your special guests. It is preferable to work with experts in various fields to make your wedding thrilling such as photographers, florists, DJ, videographers, etc.

The more you organize your wedding with proficient hands with ideal knowledge of Mackinac Island, the more it will help to smooth the preparation process.

One of the DJs Island known to have played in various Mackinac Island weddings is DJ Brevin. According to the records, he deejays approximately 300 weddings in 12 calendar months on the Island.

He is one of DJs Island that makes the wedding preparation process stress-free and offers great vibes to guests coming to celebrate with you.

Brief History of DJ Brevin

DJ Brevin was fond of spending his summer holidays on Mackinac Island. He started DJing on various shows on the Island. Initially, he was merely a DJ performing at bars and lounges.

As time went on, he dived into wedding entertainment. Based on his past experiences as a DJ, he didn’t take him time to understand the dynamics of being a DJ on a wedding occasion.

In Mackinac Island, no cars are allowed to enter inside, and this makes it difficult to hire video, lighting, and audio equipment from the outdoor ceremony to the reception. Presently, Mackinac has equipment located in different places Stonecliffe, Mission point, Island house, and Mackinac Island.

For instance, Stonecliffe Island offers secluded outdoor weddings and has made name for itself. When he got married to his wife Maria on Mackinac Island, he was the official DJ for the occasion and he played with a microphone in front of his laptop in September 2019.

Another entertainment company on Mackinac Island is the Northern Lights Entertainment offering both wedding and DJ services for couples.  

Furthermore, the company ensures they handle bridal party procession, dinner music, bridal party announcement, and night vibe of the wedding party.

There is no way you will attend a wedding in Mackinac Island, and you will get to enjoy it. Numerous weddings have occurred on this Island with lots of DJs Island ready to make the wedding fun.

One thing is certain the experience you will encounter here would make you want the revisit the Island and exchange pleasantries with the DJs and people who made your wedding special.

DJ Brevin has revealed there are times he will be on the Island chilling, and some couples he has played for recognizing him to keep the relationship moving forward.


Mackinac Island is one of the best Islands with lots of DJs ready to thrill your wedding. If you could afford to do your wedding on the Island, it will make more sense to create a long-lasting experience lingering for years. 

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