Best Cities in Japan

Best Cities in Japan

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Japan is a country that has different unique natural abundances. It’s a city where you find not only historical stuff but also new things coexisting in harmony. It’s easy to witness these in the cities of Japan.

You could spend years visiting all that you think Japan has to offer tourists and in the end, you’ll find out that there are still a lot more you do not know.

If you are one of those who have explored Japan and searched for anything you left out, or you are just planning to visit Japan, and you are unsure of the best cities in Japan to tour, this blog post is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best cities to visit in Japan so that you would enjoy your time there.

Let’s begin.


Almost everyone arriving in Japan visits Tokyo; first, it doesn’t matter their final destination is somewhere else. Tokyo is worth exploring. Tokyo offers a mix of modern and historical things like nowhere else do.

Are you tech-savvy? If yes, visit the Electric Town of Akihabara prefecture and discover some great-looking skyscrapers!


Kyoto houses many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was formerly the capital of Japan in ancient times.

If you want to experience unusual sightseeing, visit Gion, where geishas walk the streets lined up with wooden folk houses.

Also, if you want to witness ochaya and kaiseki ryori – traditional Japanese haute cuisine, it’s a great place to visit.


Here is another great city in Japan full of many onsen thermal baths. You’ll also see the ancient art of puppetry. The Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses and Bunraku theatres is located in Osaka. However, it was addressed back in the olden days as a small town, but right now rebuilt, if I am not mistaken.


M6CKCK Atomic Bomb Dome building and Ota River, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan

Perhaps, the reason why people visit the city is the past of Hiroshima, I would say. But, it shouldn’t be the only reason, though.

You’ll discover the feudal Hiroshima Castle wrapped in black lacquer and ornate wood when you visit the city. In Hiroshima, you’ll find the most visited tourist attractions, which is the Mazda Museum.


If you are to take a high-speed train from Kyoto, Nara is just one away from Kyoto. In this place, you easily access people in a very close range.

Anyone going here for a bad mission may steal or harm anything in this place; it’s a no-go area because it’s a natural treasure and highly monitored.

You’ll see adorable creatures surrounding it.

During spring, Nara tops the city spot for sakura viewing. If you are interested in walking out during your visit, you can walk 343 meters to reach Mount Wakakusa summit.

Once you are done, you can round off your day with little street food. Nara street food is delicious delicacies.

A warm cake made with sticky rice and filled with sweet red bean paste is the most famous street snack, and its name is yomogi mochi.

You will enjoy your trip to Japan, I promise.


The above are just a few to mention. There are still lots more tremendous cities in Japan, such as Kanazawa, Fukuoka Kobe, Nagasaki, Takayama, and so much more. 

It would be best to not tour around this sit alone, go with friends, business partners or even family!

Family, especially. Because It’s the most common form of our by people, we do not usually go on vacation with friends, as it’s usually with our family. Please do the same, it Will be extra interesting when you go with family, unlike when you visit these places with friends. Well, it depends on the type of friends and family. Some of us have great friends than our families. So, it’s all in your hands to choose.

Explore carefully and fulfil. All the best!

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