7 Best Beaches in Japan

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If you are looking for the best beaches to have fun in Japan, you are in the right place. When anyone thinks of recreational beach centers, Japan might not be the first to come to their minds.

Depending on their current location, they would first think of places, such as Hawaii, Seychelles, or even the Caribbean. However, once they discover the beaches in Japan and how gorgeous they are, I’m sure they will be WOWED.

Japan houses many beaches scattered around. Each beach is accessible, from the major cities like the turquoise waters and white sand beaches, which you’ll find on the islands of Okinawa, to soothing views and fun-filled beaches in Kanagawa.

I don’t want to beat about the Bush. Let’s quickly review the best beaches in Japan. I have got 7 of them for you on the list.

Beaches in Japan


Beaches in Japan-Yuigahama-beach

Yuigahama is a beach close to Kamakura and is located in a city called Kanagawa district, Japan.

Trekking from the Kamakura station, it’s a 15 minutes leg walk. It’s a local beach and the best spot for swimming, beach games, etc.


Beaches in Japan
image source: voyapon.com

Here is yet another beach located in the same city as the previous one. It’s accessible from Kamakura. There is a bridge connecting the homeland and the island. Hence it is going to be convenient for tourists to visit.

Oarai Beach

Beaches in Japan Oarai Beach
Image source: oarai-info.jp

It’s among the largest and more famous beaches in the Kanto region of Japan. It became more famous due to its deep and wide coastline.

Onjuku Beach

Beaches in Japan -Onjuku Beach

If your flight lands in Tokyo, it’ll take you 2 hours to get to this place. Get to Onjuku Station, and you’ll be able to have a short walk to the beach. There are plenty of foods and non-alcoholic drinks on the beach.

When you get there, you’ll come across people enjoying their vacation, renting lockers, towels, umbrellas, and chairs for relaxing in the centre of the beach. It’s located in Chiba, a Japanese prefecture.

Kujukuri Beach

It’s located in the same place as Onjuku Beach around the Boso Peninsula of Chiba. It was rated as the second largest beach in the country and ranked as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful beaches.

The available recreational activities are jet skiing, wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing.

Kira Waikiki Beach of Aichi

Beaches in Japan Kira Waikiki Beach of Aichi
image source: 1001beach

Perhaps, you might even recognize the word “Waikiki.” It’s a popular beach in Hawaii. If you want to have the same experience people have in Hawaii, then Kira Waikiki is a good fit.

Beaches in Japan Kira Waikiki Beach of Aichi

The available sports are golf courses, castle ruins, museums, camping, hot springs, and many more. From Kirayoshida Station, it’s easily accessible, and the most amazing thing is that the beach is FREE.

Wakasa Wada Beach of Fukui

Beaches in Japan Wakasa Wada Beach of Fukui

Wakasa Wada Beach, Fukui is popularly known as “the Mount Fuji of Wakasa.” It has very shallow water, a clear sea, and attractive surroundings.

In Japan, it’s one of the two blue flag beaches. The most common sports carried out by tourists here are paddleboarding and fishing on the calm waters.

Take time to visit Meikyodo Cave, which is a tourist attraction at Wakasa. I could keep going on and on, but I intended to make a short and precise one.


Please note that cities in Japan have some strict rules that you must abide by, especially littering on their picturesque beaches; it won’t be tolerated in any form.

Good manners are highly required in Japan. When you tip, it’s considered rude in Japan. They believe you know the right thing to do at the right time.

It would be best to remember that Japan has a different culture, especially from the western part of the world.

Follow their ethos. Enjoy your stay. Make it memorable.

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